Are You Ready To “Fax Someone A Thing”?

4d printing wait what’s that?

3D printing may have just taken a big move forward that is crazy.  The 3 dimensions we think we understand are length width and depth.  Many people perceive the 4th dimension as time.

If the components are “smart” in a 3D process and can move and change after being printed it can be called 4D as you are adding another dimension.  This would pretty much involve what is called programmable matter.   Well known speaker Skylar Tibbits gives an interesting talk on the future of 4D printing and what things may look like.  Webites like allow you to upload 3D blueprints for objects that are then downlaodable as instructions for your printer at home.  In this new era the 4th dimension of time where the objects and matter can assemble themselves and change form.  This seems pretty exciting so I am ready to check out this talk.

Let’s see how 3d printed objects could be involved in the 4th dimension in the video on page 2

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