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New Hack Proof Communications?

That’s right! Hack proof communication, one of the new things thanks to Quantum-Entanglement! A Chinese satellite has been used to split pairs of entangled photons and transmit them to separate ground stations about 745 miles apart (1200 kilometers). Completely obliterating the previous record for quantum communications. To know what quantum communications is you have to

Robot Arrested at political rally

Is this even real? We live in a time were we have made great achievements in the field of robotics. We use them for everything from manufacturing to vacuuming floors. Now we have a robot which is being considered something of a troublemaker and was arrested at a political rally in Russia, and this is not

This New Camera Can See Around Corners

How did they do this? Hint: They used a very clever process to achieve this.  At first glance or notion, one might think of something like a periscope that peeks around the corner.  That could potentially work in a literal sense but it wouldn’t be very effective.  Here is a bit more background on how

Are You Ready To “Fax Someone A Thing”?

4d printing wait what’s that? 3D printing may have just taken a big move forward that is crazy.  The 3 dimensions we think we understand are length width and depth.  Many people perceive the 4th dimension as time. If the components are “smart” in a 3D process and can move and change after being printed

1 Million People are Playing a Game You Can’t See It

did you know about THIS? Many of us have heard of virtual reality applications and games growing in popularity.  And of course there have been a number of movies making a parody or prediction of such a world like the Tron films.  Did you know however there is a game called Ingress that is being

5 “Lost Inventions” of Tesla That Have Been Uncovered

Are these serious? Tesla is the mysterious experimenter who many say had many hidden inventions.  Many YouTubers have experimented with what are called Tesla coils, involving copper and electricity.  Others try to find evidence of some possibly hidden secrets of this great inventor.  No one knows for sure how many of these are around to be

What This Inventor Does With Motion Will Amaze You

now this is TRIPPY This will transform technology as we know it.  Most people i.e. lets say over 1 billion type on a keyboard whether on their computer or smartphone and what comes out is text, video or pictures.  Email, SMS, social media updates are traveling around the globe in ways never possible which in

Small “Robot Cubes” Self Assemble and Do Something Amazing

Science fiction?  Science reality.. MIT’s robotics team never ceases to amaze.  In this video they show how “modular robots” changing their geometry according to the assigned task. What makes this so different is that most robots have one assignment and handle one task.  For example a traditional robot can definitely perform a single task well but

Holoportation is Real and it is a Game Changer – Update

this is INSANE… Will this change the way we communicate?  Many are saying this is so revolutionary that it will change conferences and even travel.  You may or may not have heard of the term yet but it is fairly descriptive.  Holoportation is in the first innings and actually works with certain devices.  Here is

Have You Heard of “Holoportation”?

this is mind boggling… How in the world is this possible?  By now you either have a 3D printer or have likely seen something printed with that type of technology.  From figurines to actual parts in machinery, it is revolutionizing manufacturing.  Now there is something related called holoportation.  You read that correctly and here is

This New “Hoverboard” Can Fit in a Bag

Would you ride one of these? New hoverboard style devices are revolutionizing the way people travel in cities.  Back in the mid 1990s and even the 2000s, a few some people might remember the much anticipated launch of the segway.  Jeff Bezos from and other influential CEOs touted this as an incredible invention that could

Programmable Can Change Form Into Anything

have you seen this stuff? Science fiction is becoming science reality with this new substance.  Mostly we think of matter as solid, liquid, gas or plasma.  And if we manufacture objects, or change the temperature etc. of matter it obviously changes shape.  So what is programmable matter? What if you could fax someone a real,

5D Printing Did He Just Say That?

weren’t we just getting into 3D… When you add time and movement to the 3D printing mix crazy things can happen.  We just started with 3D printing and it’s not entirely mass adopted yet.  Then, some people on the internets 😉 have spoken about 4D printing which involves objects that actually change shape, hence the

Quantum Computers Are Freakishly Fast

these things will blow you away… Quantum computers don’t compute in 0s and 1s they use qubits. Say what? In simple terms it is almost in a state of reacting to multiple factors at once instead of being broken down into mini yes or no commands. What does this mean? Well, some are saying it

7 Inventions Of The Future That Are Out NOW

Would you have ever imagined this stuff? These futuristic gadgets are actually out and amazing .  On one hand some of these could be considered obvious and make you way why didn’t they come up with this sooner.  One of these actually has to do with the 3D printing phenomenon but it is from a different

Trillion FPS Camera Takes Pics at 1/6 Speed of Light

that is INSANE… Wow the fastest camera in the world has been developed in Japan.  And this has implications way beyond winning photo competitions.  Here is a bit on how the new trillion frame camera works: When a crystal lattice is excited by a laser pulse, waves of jostling atoms can travel through the material

A Working Hoverboard…Is This For Real?

Could this catch on? When watching this thing it sure looks like it works.  This hoverboard is made by an inventor named Greg Henderson and he is the founder at Arx Pax.  He states that he’s an architect first and foremost.  This technology is powered by Lenz’s Law which states: If an induced current flows, its

WiFi That Can See Through Walls Has Been Invented

Is this going TOO far? This borders the line of technological advancements and privacy so the debate will be fierce.  On one hand this type of technology could be used to stop “bad guys” and have a lot of security applications.  On the other hand, it could be used to spy and completely violate the