Is This Underwater Pyramid For Real? It Was Found on an Old Video…

Here is more about this reported finding from this old school video:

It is believed they discovered a partially translucent, crystal-like pyramid rising from the Caribbean seabed— its origin, age and purpose are  completely unknown at this point.

These potential amazing underwater pyramid structures  were first identified using sonar technology according to oceanographer Dr. Verlag Meyer. In terms of the size of this re-discovered pyramid, it is larger in scale than the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Interestingly, on the top of the pyramid are two very large holes. Water moves at high speeds through one of the holes causing waves to roll by forming a giant vortex. This causes a massive surge of waves and mist on the surface of the sea. Scientists are now pondering a new idea, is this vortex effect explaining what has been happening with disappearing passing boats and planes in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle?

You can comment whether you think it is real or bogus.

We hope you enjoy the video which was from the history channel.  Does that make it more official or not?

Stay tuned for more updates on this story!

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  1. Christina Lyons said:

    A Crystal pyramid found in the Bermuda Triangle that article used this pic as well and can’t be confirmed but could be the same video I watched lol

  2. Johnathan Humbers said:

    This is cool. Pyramids are made all across the world. What are the purpose of a pyramid. No one really knows. I mean people speculate but no one really knows. There is know telling what they could be used for. I’m fascinated of pyramids. Why I don’t know. Guess because they are hard to build and the ancients did it and we can’t do it today.