This New Camera Can See Around Corners

How did they do this?

Hint: They used a very clever process to achieve this.  At first glance or notion, one might think of something like a periscope that peeks around the corner.  That could potentially work in a literal sense but it wouldn’t be very effective.  Here is a bit more background on how these very clever researchers used a new technique to achieve this:

A group of scientists led by Genevieve Gariepy have developed a state-of-the-art detector which, with some clever data processing techniques, can turn walls and floors into a ‘virtual mirror’, giving the power to locate and track moving objects out of direct line of sight.

The shiny surface of a mirror works by reflecting scattered light from an object at a well-defined angle towards your eye. Because light scattered from different points on the object is reflected at the same angle, your eye sees a clear image of the object. In contrast, a non-reflective surface scatters light randomly in all directions, and creates no clear image.

Do you think this will be used in applications such as transportation?  Or perhaps there will be other benefits of this technology?  There are likely people on both sides of this debate.

Let’s check out what happens in the video on page 2

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