10 Of The Strangest Animals Of Prehistoric Times

You won’t believe some of these..

Apparently there is evidence that these types of animals actually existed at one point.  How are these even possible?

The very clever Hybrid Librarian does it again with this interesting and well put together list. Some of us may have heard of bigfoot and other legends as well as dinosaurs such as a tyrannosaurus rex that have fossil evidence.  This list however is actually 10 of the weirdest prehistoric animals that they have found evidence for their existence.

What do you think which one is the most unusual?

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  1. Stuart Davis said:

    I don’t believe any of it, the world is only 2015 years old, dinosaurs bones were put on this earth to test our faith, snacks can talk, and as long as I stick to the later chapters of the good book god is nice and loves every…. well almost every one