Are Astronomers Right With These “Far Out” Opinions on the Kepler Star Discovery?

what in the heck is that structure??

The famous dyson sphere that they discvovered still remains unexplained.  There was on e theory that it was just a bunch of comets.  if you read enough space stuff astronomers often go to comets when they can’t explain something haha.  No one knows for sure what it is but they are ruling that out and one astronomer had this to say:

While Schaefer doesn’t offer an alternative theory, his analysis provides a second line of data suggesting there really is something weird happening around KIC 8462852–that it’s not just a fluke of the Kepler telescope that discovered the star’s odd behavior.

There are also many out there theories of what it could be.

Do you have any opinions on this thing?  This is one of the strangers discoveries in astronomy.

Let’s find out more and check out a video with some cool graphics on page 2

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