Does The Octopus Have Alien DNA?

it could be possible…right?

Octopai are surprisingly smart aside from having an absolutely BIZARRE appearance.  One might thin that these are just slimy unusual creatures incapable of intelligent thought.  In actuality they are extremely smart and have a very unusual body.  This is why a lot of scientists think they could have genes from other civilizations.  There is even a particular video circulating around YouTube of two octopai in a fight and one picks up a rock as defense…seriously.

Here is a bit more information on why they think there might be something to the alien theory:

The creatures have a hugely complicated genome sequence, and have more protein-coding genes than even humans.

Octopus DNA is highly rearranged – like cards shuffled and reshuffled in a pack – containing numerous so-called “jumping genes” that can leap around the genome.

Let’s find out more and check out a video of a giant squid on page 2

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  1. Danny Ferguson said:

    If we don’t have a sample of alien DNA how can a comparison be made? Seems when we can’t explain something it’s aliens or hairy guys in the sky…..stupid….

  2. Katra Chavez said:

    Did you even watch the videos? There DNA is arranged in such way, that it is unlike any other DNA sequence know to man, therefore they can honestly say.. It’s alien..

  3. Danny Ferguson said:

    DNA is a relatively new science and just because man doesn’t recognize the sequence or because it is different from other known samples (everything living on the planet has nor been sampled) is not proof of alien DNA…what did Chaney say, “the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” I can’t believe I quoted that jack$#%&!@*but in the case it fits. LOL

  4. Dan Levin said:

    For having the word “science” in the name, this page makes a lot of outrageous claims with nothing to back them up.

  5. Dan Levin said:

    Yeah I thought that would have bog, shocking news like “Higgs field confirmed!” or that kind of thing, bot unsupported History Channel style crap.