Could These be Right on What Time Actually is?

or is this unquantifiable?

This video is kind of different and fascinating in that one person spends about a half an hour philosophizing about what time actually is and many other areas of the universe and our place in it.  Here is a brief intro as quoted by the narrator on some of the topics she discusses:

Welcome to Cracking the Nutshell! In this video, I discuss the nature of time. Summary:

– Newtonian time (absolute time)
– Relativistic Time (Einstein) / The observer
– Time dilation (Special Relativity Theory)
– Muons / cosmic rays (half-life)
– Philosophical Theories of Time: A and B theories (John McTaggart)
– Presentism / Block Time
– “Now” moment and consciousness (awareness of change)
– Determinism and classical physics

Let’s watch the diagrams while she talks about these topics in the video on page 2

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  1. Ясон А. Девлін said:

    Time does not exist. It is a construct to measure the rate of decay of physical matter at the hands of radiation and gravity. It is measurement and nothing more. It does not exist

  2. Ted Foley said:

    My thoughts on Time…
    There is always talk of multiple Universe’s. I think we have been looking at it wrong. I think there are multiple Times. In fact, infinite times.
    It starts at The Big Bang. Instead of our “Universe” being created, it was time itself that manifested. And as soon as it happened, infinite “Universe’s” , or a Multiverse, started. What we perceive is our Universe or Time. Since an infinite number of Times were created at the beginning, the entire history of everything is happening at any given moment, in another Time.
    With this time travel should be possible.
    If we manage to make a bridge from one Time to another, we can go to any point in History. The kicker is, since it is in another “Time” we should be able to change the future of that Time with no repercussions in the time we came from.

    Stupid show Into the Wormhole, it gets my mind pumped.