Guy Made “Magic Magnets” on a 3D Printer and They are BIZARRE

these are mind-blowing…

The magic magnets have properties unlike anything else.  Aside from simple science experiments magnets are used in a ton of applications.  From motors to industrial machinery etc. they are one of the most important components of the industrial age and the information age.  Lately neodymium magnets have been getting a lot of headlines but these new magic magnets have caught YouTube by storm.  Here is what the narrator had to say:

This technology is so new we haven’t even had time to think through all the applications. How would you use it? Leave a comment and then send this to your smart friends to see if they can figure anything out. For some reason my mind is drawn to the medical field. Prosthetics attachments maybe?

Are you ready to see these things in action?

Let’s check out these magic magnets in the video on page 2

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  1. Sean Coleman said:

    How do I get ahold of some of these magnets or custom order. Because this can be game changing in certain aspects. What u think Michael Piel

  2. Jacob Mings said:

    Now all they have to do is stack the maxels and use the interactions to flip poles on the maxel level. like little solenoids or step motors and you could have a programable magnet.