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He Made a Robot With A Remote Controlled Laser Beam

He Made a Robot With A Remote Controlled Laser Beam

whoa! Well this guy decided to make one and it is awesome.  How would you describe this invention…crazy or crazy smart?  The famous StyroPyro has made something very cool here. NOTE: DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL AS IT IS VERY DANGEROUS. On a humorous note, we imagine styropyro is a

Li-Fi May Be 100 X Faster Than Wi-Fi

that is crazy… This new technology may change the internet forever. The invention of wi-fi has changed interaction as we know it, enabling small and large devices to get a fast internet connection with no wires. Now there is a new game in town “Li-Fi” and it might be up to 100 times faster than wi-fi. You

8 Awesome Tesla Lightning Pictures

Aside from the inventive Tesla automotives, many of us have seen videos of homemade tesla coils and other electrical inventions from YouTube.  Here are some really cool pics of Tesla lightning and some more about the artist and scientist: A self-professed “child of science,” Frei originally worked on the mechanical side of electricity, before switching

This Invention Uses Sound Waves to Put Out Fires

if this catches on? wow Here is one of those inventions that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  Behold the latest in fire extinguishing technology.  Messy foam everywhere?  Forget it.  This thing works with Sound Waves and these inventors and firefighters across the world are excited about this thing: Firefighters may be

Does This “Gravity Light” Work As Well as…

Some say this thing will be INSANELY successful… And some are skeptical but it generated a buzz.  And there is an update review if you haven’t seen it yet.  Do you think this thing could have some hope or is it weak? This is the problem and solution as they describe it: 20% OF THE

Could Lasers Acutally be the Future of Free Energy?

this is really clever…and MIGHT work… The quest for free or abundant energy has been at the forefront of discussion for a lot of the 21st century and before.  This fascinating discovery at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory could take us a step closer to abundant energy from the sun. An international team has for

5 Lost Inventions of Tesla That are Insanely Cool

not everyone knows about THESE… Tesla is the mysterious experimenter who many say had many hidden inventions.  Many YouTubers have experimented with what are called Tesla coils, involving copper and electricity.  Others try to find evidence of some possibly hidden secrets of this great inventor.  No one knows for sure how many of these are around

Guy Makes a Rocket Engine in His Garage…Seriously

whoa check it out…that is CRAZY! Have you ever heard of such a cool DIY project?  Apparently this ambitious home inventor shows us how to make an actual rocket engine from home.  Needless to say do not attempt without the supervision of a professional.  Here is more about the video from the inventor: I built

Guy Makes “Plasma Arc Vortex” Speakers From Home That Sound Cool

Whoa these are TRIPPY… Have you HEARD these bizarre things?  This home inventor makes a cool kind of speaker.  They are described as “plasma arc vortex” because the sound waves seem to be going through the plasma arc?  yes you read that correctly and most speaker configurations are completely different.  Here is how the inventor describes

Small “Robot Cubes” Self Assemble and Do Something Amazing

Science fiction?  Science reality.. MIT’s robotics team never ceases to amaze.  In this video they show how “modular robots” changing their geometry according to the assigned task. What makes this so different is that most robots have one assignment and handle one task.  For example a traditional robot can definitely perform a single task well but

He Made a Power Generator That Runs on a Backyard Creek Wow

now THAT is clever… This is an awesome DIY vertical turbine hydro generator system made in a backyard.  The home experimenter/inventor walks us through the steps and actually tools the parts in his garage.  Here is an intro to the video: As seen on “America Unplugged” on the sportsman channel. I rebuilt my 13 year

This Experimenter Buildt a Laser From a Used PC

now THAT is inventive… Did you know this was even possible with pc parts?  Wow.  If more people could use cyber waste parts to recycle them into other uses maybe many of the landfills would be reduced and we could save a lot of time and money.  A brief excerpt from the narrator himself, here

They Made a “Gravity Powered Light” and it Works

is this crazy or crazy smart? If this thing catches on it could be disruptive.  This invention nailed their fundraising round and then some a few years ago in  Now they have a second round which we are not endorsing either way, just reporting on it. This is the problem and solution as they

They Invented the Lightest Metal EVER

Have you heard of this “feather like” metal? Light and strong metals have incredible technological and medical applications.  Tungsten for example has gotten a lot of press lately for these reasons.  And apparently they have made a metal now that is lighter than all other metals: Microlattice is the lightest metal ever made. At 99.99%

Guy Makes an “Orb Weaver” Pulse Motor and Fires it Up

Have you ever seen one of these? Ambitious home inventor makes a bizarre and awesome electric coil.  A lot of these types of devices are based on the works of Tesla and of course basic electric properties.  However, many experimenters have tried different shapes and configurations to see if it increases efficiency.  Here is how