Have You Heard Of This Banach-Tarski Paradox?

Here is a continuation of the theorem from wikipedia:

A stronger form of the theorem implies that given any two “reasonable” solid objects (such as a small ball and a huge ball), either one can be reassembled into the other. This is often stated informally as “a pea can be chopped up and reassembled into the Sun” and called the “pea and the Sun paradox”.

This is indeed tough to get one’s mind around but very cool.  What do you think about this theorem…does it have a lot of practical applications and do you think it is accurate?

Feel free to comment with your ideas.


  1. Levi George said:

    I just tried turning my beer right and then left and nothing. Still just have one beer. Kinda disappointed. Someone let me know if they successfully get this done with real matter