How Would Our Solar System Look From The Perspective Of An Alien?

this simulation shows us..

There has been a lot of debate about the search for extraterrestrials and what if things are reversed?  Meaning, many only think of the view we have from Earth in our search.  We have all seen models of our solar system, and with the new pics from Pluto sent by the New Horizon, even more detail of the planets themselves.  What would our solar system look like from an alien point of view though? (assuming that one or more of them would be looking at our section in the Milky Way galaxy).

From NASA Astrophysics… a supercomputer simulation shows how alien astronomers might have seen the formation of our solar system. Dust ground off icy bodies in the Kuiper Belt, the cold-storage zone that includes Pluto and millions of other objects, creates a faint infrared disk potentially visible to alien astronomers looking for planets around the sun. Neptune’s gravitational imprint on the dust is always detectable in new simulations of how this dust moves through the solar system. By ramping up the collision rate, the simulations show how the distant view of the solar system might have changed over its history.

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