Humans Create Accidental Protective Barrier Around Earth

So, NASA discovered that VLF interacts with the particles around Earth. Which blocks most of the irradiated particles, from the Van Allen radiation belts, from coming to our atmosphere. Which is a good thing. NASA thinks it would be possible to remove even more excess radiation from the near-Earth environment using VLF. Using VLF like that would take further study, but it would be worth it.

Let’s take a further look into this “Human-Made Bubble”

That video was quite interesting. It sure informed me! Thanks for reading, make sure to check back in for more. Also, make sure to check out NASA’s article on this too!


  1. Bob Werfal said:

    So if VLF works to repel radiation in space, can we use it to remove radiation for chernoble, or other radioactive sites? Or perhaps create a radiation sheild?