Is the NASA “Tether Incident” Bogus or Should it be Examined More Closely?

they STILL don’t know what happened…

There is a new updated perspective on what may have happened.

This is one of the strangest NASA incidents ever.  Not a lot of people have heard about this which makes things a bit more peculiar.  Apparently there was a transmission and some unexpected “things” appeared on the screen.  This is a brief intro about what some people described having watched!

Tether incident unexpected electric overload. UFO during Live NASA transmission.
Ice debris or UFOs:  Both arguments are correct. There is both ice debris and UFOs, but they get mixed up in this clip. That is because all of them looks the same in this camera.

Here is some hints how to distinguish them.  Not affected as much in size as the ice debris when zooming inn/out, since they are further away.

Had you heard about this yet and if so is this too much to believe or did they really catch something on that video?

Let’s check out those “objects” on on page 2

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