This Exoplanet Discovery Defies What Astronomers Thought They Knew

It doesn’t make sense…

Apparently exoplanet  is BAFFLING astronomers for this reason.  This thing is as big as Neptune and it is made of pure rock.  Almost always when a planet reaches this size, or at least those observed by astronomers it involves some or all parts gas.  Here is a bit more about this find:

BD+20594b sits about 500 light-years away in the constellation Aries. The planet is about 16 times as massive as Earth but just a little over twice as wide, making its density about 8 grams per cubic centimeter, Néstor Espinoza, an astrophysicist at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Santiago, and colleagues report. Earth’s density, by comparison, is 5.5 grams per cubic centimeter.

The fact that it takes 42 days to orbit around its star may make a bit more sense here but it is still surprising to the team who spotted it.

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  1. Lee Martin said:

    The human downfall began with Adam and Eve, their betrayal led to humanities downfall. The way I see it is, humans and aliens, have been working together for decades. On secret projects, we have technology 50 years more advanced than what we’re led to believe. The Grey’s are demons who deceive people, making them keep quiet. This is where conspiracy comes from, if other cultures visit earth. Humans are too barbaric, and would try to kill them. And this would lead to an all out interstellar war, that we most definitely would loose. So on our own ignorance, it’s not allowed to happen yet. However- there has been isolated visitations in the past of greys, traveling to meet with humans in their anti gravity ships. CE3K is based on a real meeting, but the greys are not from space. They’re even living among us,disguised as human beings.

  2. Ronnie Kemper said:

    Maybe since it formed close to its host star, the star sucked up all the gas and only solid particles came to be the planet, can’t have an atmosphere if there’s no gaseous particles for the planet to attract right?

  3. Jason Good said:

    Why would humans try to kill a superior race? And how do you know that there isnt species more barbaric than what we are. And to refer to Adam and eve and then aliens is contradicting

  4. Burnie Berrey said:

    I have no doubt there’s billions of planets out there teaming with life. With the sheer numbers of galaxies that we know of, to think otherwise would be absolute arrogance or ignorance. Multi verse or single either way I would hope some of them have advanced beyond our power hungry elite status and not killing each other over a patch of dirt or ideology.

  5. Lee Martin said:

    Aliens that we are told about are demons in disguise, they’re fallen angels. There are no superior cultures coming here, the human race is quarantined by God to stay on earth. We are a race of sinners, that have to be redeemed by God himself. After the betrayal in the Garden of Eden, by Eve then Adam.

  6. Colin Felton said:

    Rouge planets happen in the beginning of the solar system formation. Huge planets like Jupiter fling them out of the system

  7. Isaiah Albertson said:

    Even if this is a rare planet there is a higher likelihood we would find it. Astronomers find planets when they transit there stars, making a small black dot. Thus we are more likely to find large planets that orbit close to their star

  8. Paul Maze said:

    Hollow with internal atmosphere?
    Maybe unconnected chambers ?
    Maybe Maybe Maybe it has a reasonace dynamic?

  9. Terry Keagy said:

    Here’s what I don’t get about everyone always arguing about who is right…how do you even know it’s within your comprehension? How do you know you are the highest cognitive being in existence? If something exists you don’t know about that you would ever in your life have the ability to know about it?

    I consider this every single time I see people use “facts” about physics and any theories as well.

    The amount of information we don’t know is probably much more than we will ever know.

    We have concepts for things that we cannot comprehend yet, nobody seems to doubt them. Those being nothingness and infinity…don’t be too quick to judge anyone else..after all you all only know very little yourselves if it wouldn’t have been for the thousands of years of knowledge that was left behind before you

  10. Mason Helms said:

    Yo know what really gets me is, is that it takes faith to believe in this madness as it takes faith to believe that God created the universe. The word planet comes from the Greek word for “wandering” which is “planetes”. Like a wandering star.

  11. David Garcia said:

    There is no life out there, just rocks. Life can only exist if God allows it and if you really think life just “happens” you might be an even greater fool than I.

  12. Evelio Santos Rivera said:

    Why is speculate something about space when we don’t even have the technology to go to Mars in less than a month so white with trying to understand the universe without being up there and why would trying to tell people that they know so much about planets if you don’t even have a f****** had to go back and take a f****** Moon just take a moment to die how do I see all the b******* NASA telling humans to all these years about the space they did not know s*** about it but they claim to know something is Wendy location of systems changes everything you know or just tourists expectations from the biggest Minds that Humanity ever know so now let’s just think about it what will happen if dedication assistant changed and it’s all the secrets that are being concealed from humans word exposed and told by whoever is in power to as the people remember this simple saying you cannot have a 3 planted on the ground if you do not know how to do you can never have an apple if you do not to have a 3 end you can never go out of our planet if you do not have the right technology so now think how are you specting to go out of the planet to visit other planets in other solar systems when she’s not one to teach genius and I speak of little kids who have the power in the mind to achieve that and adulthood if they are educated with the flight information that they need to have on their minds if we can do that did anyone was up a little bit be able to go if you go to space but if not it will takes Millennials and years before whatever plan they want to go and come back in 3 months

  13. John Sand said:

    How can they know anything for certain? All they can really do is observe by instruments from light years away. Basically without concrete evidence it’s all a wild$#%&!@*guess.

  14. Shaun Verdugo said:

    They proved the correctness of the bizarre properties of quantum mechanics, i.e. that electrons can be two places at the same time. Einstein himself hated this idea, but he was wrong on this one. It sounds preposterous that electrons and atoms can be in many states at the same time, but this is the foundation of modern civilizations. Lasers, transistors, computers, the internet etc. are all based on quantum mechanics. It has been tested to 1 part in 100 billion in accuracy, making it the most successful physical theory of all time. Except that it is based on feet of clay.

    The idea that you can be in many places at the same time can be proven indirectly, by looking at the properties of many atoms, but testing it on single atoms and single photons was beyond reach. Until now…if this is truth then why is it not a possibility?

  15. Shaun Verdugo said:

    Agreed…yet we do not know gods plan therefore how can you definitively say there is no life out there if weve no idea if god may have allowed it

  16. Dustin Stewart said:

    What if there are other dimensions, other versions of your self… Ever have a dream of someone you’ve never met, or a dream of yourself doing something you’ve never done, what if the dreams your viewing are of your other selves. I mean if there’s other versions of yourself wouldn’t you have some sort of connection with them, not saying all dreams are like this cause some of mine are pretty fucked. But maybe it’s possible

  17. Justin Hendricks said:

    String theory might clear things up. Science is changing constantly. Cern is masking huge breakthroughs. Being open minded is important.
    People are sick of the same theories that hasn’t added up. People aren’t afraid to talk as much as they were before.
    Truth is if you made a breakthrough and knew if you exposed it you would lose your entire career? There is info out there if you want to find it.

  18. Jimmy DiFrancesco said:

    There’s nothing he could give you. You will not be convinced of anything. Unlike an intellect, you have preconceived notions of your existence, you’ve swayed yourself long ago. I offered positive, neutral based perspective….you told me I’ve somehow positioned myself atop a “high horse” …not sure how you find THAT a reasonable remark…perhaps you get easily defensive? Perhaps you only consider you own thoughts and are the center of your universe where you are never wrong? Ever think of that? No matter what evidence displayed to you, you will refute it. Because that’s what you do, that’s how you conditioned an illogical defensive and act like it’s reasonable. Scientific articles and theories are published all the time. No, sorry but you are wrong. Not all of them we mastered of a lifetime. Many times there is SUGGESTIVE evidence, but not conclusive. It’s put forward, and the people gobble it up, usually in a bad game of telephone. You should really learn about the real scientific processes that occur in life, not just the textbook. It doesn’t always work that way. You mentioned peer reviewed telescope data. You are aware that MOST telescopes are NOT fitted with recording devices…do you think of these things or just pretend you already know?? I have a pretty decent scope and no camera attached. I’ve seen two pretty suggestive sightings myself. No camera to upload to my peers though. That’s the normalcy of amateur astronomers, which heavily out number paid astronomers. It is the protocol of Manny scientific institutions to not address topics considered to be “fringe” related. Ask a real scientist. It hurts the company rep. Because there always people that instantly and blind deny it. Then there is ridicule. They just leave it alone because in thier minds they are a scunce institution to disclose et life. They are there to complete that years agenda, that is it. Bring reality into your thinking. Think critically. That means challenging you own convictions. I do it everyday.
    *plop plop plop*
    (Don’t mind me, I’m just taking my high horse home)

  19. Tanner Vogan said:

    Scientists like being proven wrong. Being wrong means new discoveries that show current theories are faulty. Science loves new discoveries.