This Exoplanet Discovery Defies What Astronomers Thought They Knew

It doesn’t make sense…

Apparently exoplanet  is BAFFLING astronomers for this reason.  This thing is as big as Neptune and it is made of pure rock.  Almost always when a planet reaches this size, or at least those observed by astronomers it involves some or all parts gas.  Here is a bit more about this find:

BD+20594b sits about 500 light-years away in the constellation Aries. The planet is about 16 times as massive as Earth but just a little over twice as wide, making its density about 8 grams per cubic centimeter, Néstor Espinoza, an astrophysicist at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Santiago, and colleagues report. Earth’s density, by comparison, is 5.5 grams per cubic centimeter.

The fact that it takes 42 days to orbit around its star may make a bit more sense here but it is still surprising to the team who spotted it.

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  1. Douglas E De Vries said:

    Once orbital parameters are determined, that data can be used to derive mass and knowing that means density can be derived from the size of the objects.

  2. Jef Whitlock said:

    But how do they know the actual distance the planet is from the star to determine the size and density just from the dimness it causes in front of the star. That’s all Kepler can detect and the duration it takes .

  3. Jef Whitlock said:

    Then they really don’t know composition of the planet really they think only smaller planets are rocky and when you get to a certain size it has to be a gas giant all due to our solar system observations . The truth we really don’t know what else could be out there until we get closer or better optical observations .

  4. Mason Helms said:

    Dude..If earth was flat, when the sun gets to its highest point in the day the entire earth should have light…anybody who would believe that the earth is flat is an idiot. Why would we need to shoot rockets out into space as opposed to just driving right off the end of the earth lol

  5. Jake Wiles said:

    This has been known since the 90s when we first discovered exoplanets… they must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for stories!

  6. Robert J Savka said:

    Just in the way no two galaxies are set in the same exact plain says theres infinite dimensions also the big bang shot outwards in infinite directions.and possibly antimatter shot inwards in infinite directions.scientists seem to only test for mathematical possibilities.which explains them having carbin copy theories all with different words they get to create that explain the same general theory.when i look up at our universe i dont see these mathematical boundaries they use to say.theres only one or two universes.oh wait you graduated from yale well ok theres 10 universes now but thats it see my math.

  7. Robert J Savka said:

    I also saw they are saying consciousness is a state of matter and there formulating an equation that says so.the crazy thing is they are using a diagram drawn up over 2300 yrs ago by religious Israelites that originally came to the conclusion our consciousness was the mechanism which created our material universe.the einseph or sephier i believe it.was called.also were they put god as the creator of consciousness they took that out.but theyll use a.scripture based diagram of the ten states of consciousness.alot of ancient ancestors believe our consciousness creates matter and reality.

  8. Brian Evenson said:

    The sun is much smaller and closer than we have been taught , it moves in a circle above the flat circle of the earth. You can’t tell me that the earth spins at 1000 mph and rotates at 66,000 miles an hour and also keeps up with the sun that orbits the milky way at 450,000 and all the satellites magically keep up with everything . Nasa even said they can’t get through the Van Allen belt ,which you would have to get through to get to the moon . No actually pictures of earth from the moon, only strands of pictures that they have to piece together using photoshop . Look more into it , I’m not calling anyone stupid or any immature crap . Hell everyone thought it was a ball . The high level free masons know the truth , they put in their symbolism ( in plain sight . All astronauts that claim to have been to space have been free masons , and their whole deal is keeping secrets and lying . Do more research .

  9. Brian Evenson said:

    All the water is held in by the 200 ft ice wall that circles the flat circle of the earth . Look more into the Antarctica treaty , and you will find that no one is allowed to freely travel there , it’s very strict.

  10. Mason Helms said:

    I apologize for the “idiot” comment but I still don’t believe the earth is flat and yes they didn’t land on the moon. They’ve gotten pretty far out there but not to the moon. They do have satellites however. The sun is still bright enough that if the earth was flat at the middle of the day a descent amount of light should be across the earth. The sky would at LEAST be lit up. Some have had speculation that in Antarctica there’s a gateway or hole leading to the center of the earth. Their may be something fishy going on in that area, but I base everything upon scripture. To say that theirs no outer space is crazy though. Theirs different levels to the heavens.

  11. Mason Helms said:

    Oh and the earth doesn’t move, it’s a stationary ROUND earth. The sun and moon move accordingly. It goes into grave detail in the book of Enoch. “The heavens is the Lords abode and the earth is His footstool. Everything revolves around the earth.

  12. Brian Evenson said:

    Watch the video on YouTube ( Zen Garcia and Rob Skiba flat earth as the key to unlock the book of Enoch ) very informative. There are over 75 scriptures explaining the earth , none of which describe it being a sphere. Peace brother

  13. Chris Wilde said:

    What will the NASAholes come up with next!? Hope they find the Indo planet close to Earth. Tired of this prison planet b.s.

  14. Mason Helms said:

    Okay man, well I’m also familiar with the many verses that they try to use without having the understanding. A common example,”from one end of the earth to the next” or “four corners of the earth” haha. Christopher Columbus himself actually used the apocrypha and bible to stand before the queen to prove to her that the earth was round and not only that but the northern kingdom of Israel was already disbursed and flourishing in the Americas before the Europeans even got here. It’s written in his memoirs.

  15. David Azrael said:

    Nothing is weird about this planet. Scientist simply don’t have a big enough imagination to dream of different possibilities. So when reality comes knocking their “shock, confused and weirded out”. Maybe if they read more Science Fiction they’d be more open minded.

  16. Terry Gardner said:

    This, as is everything I script, is written in code 4 specific people 2 comprehend. I dont expect average minds 2 understand it. I seek minds that speak in code & hold specific knowledge. The fact you “lol” at this means your not the people I seek, but dont feel bad, only about 25 people on earth speak in code.

  17. Terry Gardner said:

    Allow me 2 teach you the 3 main rules of ancient code reading. 1st- ignorance is bliss. This refers 2 the 99.999% of humanity who dont realize this code of mathematical & geometrical philosophy exists in their everyday life.
    2nd- silence is golden. This means thous who fully comprehend the codes depth shall Never speak of it, 2 average people of bliss, yet songs code its basics. ( manyThounds know its basics but few understand its true ancient depth)
    3rd- ancient Myth is a code of physics. Myth is a compound word of math/physics. Even by nobel prize standards math & physics is the same, math is the mirror image of physics as is secret sacred geometry 2 math.
    Myth is math/physics, mythology & mythological is math/physics/psychology/ philosophy.
    Universal dark energy is physics- physics is math- math is geometry- geometry is engineering- engineering is mechanical-
    When 1 fully comprehends this code 1 can engineer quantum mechanics. Many know the code basics but less than 25 living people on earth comprehend the ability 2 twist energy’s mechanical nut & bolt 2 alter physics. Ancient cultures classified this as “the power of the pyramid ”

    YES!!! This is true & Yes i further coded clues of the puzzles 4th dimensional depth here 2.
    Break this ancient code & your mind shall see lifes perpetual existance with an open eye.
    Sleep well in bliss my friends 4 “all that openeth the matrix is mine” 34:19

  18. Charles Hendry said:

    All money and energy and resources we wasted on all wars total we could be on other planets by now and harvesting the universe

  19. Adam DeYoung said:

    Seriously though, your idea on gravity could be sound, unless string theory is correct. Then it could be that gravity is dispersed through several other dimensions that are just as much reality as the 4 we can detect. That would account for not only the weakness of gravity, but also the existence of dark matter, and would not require there to be a multiverse. Right or wrong, glad to see someone has a brain on the internet.

  20. Adrian Jacob Ahban said:

    This bogus price of lies they always come out with.
    Dudes can’t even find a cure for HUNGER on THIS planet. How ridiculous does that sound?
    Yet they have most believe they know things outside of this planet far and wide.

    Wake up, its all lies

  21. Steve Hunter said:

    When one truly understands something then they can explain it do that even a young child can understand it. When someone tells you that they understand something but cannot explain it to you , they are really saying ” I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

  22. Leo Perez said:

    Scientists baffled, lol they already print out things as myths but are still proven wrong at every turn, humanity is so young but we are so damn arrogant.

  23. Tyler Hargrove said:

    They can see the wobble of the star as it orbits, that wobble pulls the star in the direction of the planet, and by this you can see, especially with such a rapid orbit. From this they derive mass and the motion equations. I barely understand this stuff, but you can look up this particular planet on an exoplanet website and probably their detection methods, etc.