This Exoplanet Discovery Defies What Astronomers Thought They Knew

A large part of the exploration of exoplanets ohas to do with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence as you have seen.  Here is another video that examines this phenomenon from a different angle:

Scientists are on the verge of answering one of the greatest questions in history: Are we alone? Finding Life Beyond Earth immerses audiences in the sights and sounds of alien worlds, while top astrobiologists explain how these places are changing how we think about the potential for life in our solar system.

Will we ever find aliens or maybe they have found us?

Feel free to comment with your ideas on this matter.  There are a lot of different techniques being examined including the restarting of the S.E.T.I. program.


  1. Morgan S Beatty said:

    So of the sum 2000 plants and stars discovered…..roughly 200+ are habitable…….but yet were alone in the universe, god created us and nothing else, and everything being discovered is simply fake. Stars aren’t real. Neither is space……or dinosaurs, poison, evil people, murders, rapists……..$#%&!@*people on this planet are so stupid. If you honestly believe we are alone in the universe you should just kill you self now…….or at the very least do not reproduce. Please.

  2. Joefenech Montalve said:

    Well it does if you give up the idea that space and time is spread out uniformly across the universe and start thinking about the possibility that space and time are more or less dense in certain areas. I mean a black hole is supposed to be an object so dense that it breaks the fabric of space and time so why couldn’t the opposite be true?? Places in space that effect the “normal” behavior of matter.

  3. Eric Elliott said:

    I once skipped over a universe and planted a bomb in alternate Eric’s basement. When I came back, my house blew up!

  4. Mason Helms said:

    Either bring something to the table kick rocks man. We’re here to build, not cause strife and division. “The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.”

  5. Allen Sabio said:

    Yes very weird universe, especially considering we can only observe 4 percent of it. The rest is invisible dark matter/energy. 96 percent of the universe is invisible to us, a mystery.

  6. Allen Sabio said:

    The Big Bang, the fact that the universe has an age of 13.77 billion years old as measured by the WMAP which also discovered Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Place that alongside the second law of thermodynamics and apply simple logic, points to a finite universe.

  7. Juan Carlos said:

    What if there are some gigantic beings the size of our skyscraper on these gigantic planets, and everything on those planents were built on a bigger scale? If we had gigantic dinosaurs, why not?

  8. Eric Mantia said:

    This just tells us that in this case, that planet formed close in to where it now sits in its orbit, as opposed to migrating in from farther out in that star’s system. It means that a planet CAN reach that mass and size as a rocky planet, so long as it forms close in, and there is enough material in its orbital path or other path-crossing proto planets that end up colliding with it to enable it to reach that size.

  9. Jeff Dahlstrom said:

    The devil tricks you, there is no planet but earth. Earth is flat and sits in the father almightys hands. Demons work for nasa to stray you from the path of God!

  10. Maurice Powers said:

    Please go back to the nut house where your dumb$#%&!@*belongs. Please captain dumb$#%&!@*explain why we can see mars, Jupiter and so on through a telescope? Also please provide evidence that supports the earth is flat. I’m 100% sure a airplane pilot would tell you otherwise. This is why religion needs to die because it spawns idiot’s like you.

  11. David Williamson said:

    ANSWER = GOD CREATED !!! he deliberately placed ALL these inexplainable mysteries that defy known laws of science and Physics just so you would at last conclude,,, science is not the answer !!! BUT GOD AND HIS WORD THE HOLY BIBLE IS !!!

  12. Maurice Powers said:

    Lol if you really trust an ancient old religion that should’ve died out a long time ago then you’re an idiot. Science is the answer to everything in the universe.

  13. Andrew Jojola said:

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  14. John Usery said:

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  15. David Williamson said:

    well John ,,, here is an interesting scientific study … Genetics !!! I am sure you are a smart cookie … so I am going to let you answer this one ,,, why is not good for us today to not enter into an incestuous relationship, as opposed to back in the days of Noah?

  16. Edwin Wito Herrera said:

    Astronomers and astrophysicists are currently in the process of determining whether or not these planets are habitable for organic life that is here on Earth but we are not certain if there’s even life on those planets. It could be even more revolutionary if they have it life on those planets right now.