“Time Travel” Experiment From 1971 Proved That…

this is AWESOME who knew?

A strange experiment is not often discussed but changed things…

Do the past, present and future all exist at the same time?  Personally I think it is a possibility but am not ready to accept this yet.  However, they did an interesting experiment in 1971.  They flew a clock around the world and noticed some interesting findings when they looked at it.  This may support some of Einstein’s theory of space time fabric which has implications on how we view the universe and of course the progression of moments.

A note the comments are so all over the place on this one the narrator actually posted a caption asking people to do some research before spouting off.

There is an UPDATE that explains this experiment in more detail.

Let’s watch this crazy video on time travel on page 2

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  1. Adam Ryan Spears said:

    It seems as thought there really is no such thing as ‘the present’. It seems as though there is only past & future, which are relative to one another.

  2. Andy Acock said:

    Am I wrong here,or is all of this based on “perception”???
    Which may,or may not be reality based on who’s perception we view!
    Like the example of the rulers “appearing” longer,or shorter depending on who’s “perspective” we view from,when in fact both rulers are exactly the same length,they only “appear” longer or shorter to our eyes with movement!!!

    Basically our eyes are nothing but light sensors,and are easily fooled!!
    So how can we base an entire theory based on something so inaccurate!!??