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Have You Seen a “Bloch Wall Resonator” Before?

Have You Seen a “Bloch Wall Resonator” Before?

is this TOO COOL or what? This homemade device runs on neodymium magnets in an incredible configuration.  Many home experimenters have followed in the steps of Nikola Tesla’s work int he quest for an efficient energy device.  A lot of these have copper wires and neodymium magnets as components.  There are a lot of cool

Guy Builds a Tesla Coil At Home and Its Amazing

How cool is THIS? Ambitious home experimenter is inspired by Tesla and makes an awesome electric coil.  He is kind enough to make a video and walk through some of the steps.  You have likely heard of these but what exactly is a Tesla coil? A Tesla coil is a device that uses resonant circuits

7 Inventions Of The Future That Are Out NOW

Would you have ever imagined this stuff? These futuristic gadgets are actually out and amazing .  On one hand some of these could be considered obvious and make you way why didn’t they come up with this sooner.  One of these actually has to do with the 3D printing phenomenon but it is from a different

Guy Makes A Rocket Engine At Home And It Works

this is AMAZING Ambitious home experimenter actually built a working rocket engine and lights it up.  He even walks you through the steps and lights it up on video. Note:  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL. Commenter YeOlde Science says: Very good idea! If you contain the acrylic

They Made A Floating Iron Man And Its Amazing

Ok this is pretty rad a floating, glowing iron man!  Where can I get one of these?  According to the poster of this video he had this to say: I managed to buy this from a reseller when this was first released at Toy Soul 2014 in Hong Kong, correctly there are only 200 in

This Guy Made An 84 Watt “Death Star” From His Home

now THAT is a major Star Wars fan 😉 You read the title correctly and this mini “death star” works.  Many individuals spend their time teaching physics and science and other people come up with inventions and tests.  In the case of the YouTuber LaserGadgets, he actually does both.  Not only does he have a big

INSANE Machine Destroys Everything…Ahhh!

uh…this thing is CRAZY… What do they even use this thing for?  There are all types of apparatus for recycling and industrial purposes.  This one seems pretty simple though.  It just takes down everything. DO NOT attempt using this type of machinery without the supervision of a professional although not sure where you would find

New Light Is Powered By The Force Of Gravity And Actually Works

Will this thing catch on? This very clever inventor is trying to change the way we light up our homes and may be onto something.  He actually had a very successful crowdfunding campaign on  This is a revisit if you haven’t heard about their potentially revolutionary invention The Gravity Light. This is the problem

Finally a Robot With A Remote Controlled Laser Beam

Yes! Well this guy decided to make one and it is awesome.  How would you describe this invention…crazy or crazy smart?  The famous StyroPyro has made something very cool here. NOTE: DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL AS IT IS VERY DANGEROUS. On a humorous note, we imagine styropyro is a

Watch This Guy 3D Print Almost An Entire Working Motor

Now THAT is resourceful.. 3D printing will change everything and he walks through this amazing build.  He also walks you through which parts he uses and the 3ds max program from Autocad.  To make things even cooler is this is supposed to be an atmospheric motor.  So not only was it printed with parts from