How Does This Fridge Stay Cold Without a “Typical” Electricity Source?

now THIS is a cool invention 😉

These students came up with a refridgeration system that is one of a kind.  Sometimes keeping things simple and just thinking outside of the box leads to the best inventions.  Having a refridgerator is not only a comfort of the western world but also often times a necessity for preserving food. And of course access to electricity can be a big challenge in many parts of the world.  This extremely clever team however may have invented a refridgerator that solves this problem:

A team of students in Canada has invented a cooling device that not only works without any electricity whatsoever, it’s also cheap and portable, making it ideal for those in remote and rural areas who struggle to keep their produce fresh.

Is that cool or what?  You won’t believe how simply and cleverly this device works.

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