Astronomers Are Reporting About A Huge “Invisible Structures” In The Milky Way

first a new planet now THIS?

You read the headline correctly and it surprised us too.  Apparently this has been quite a week for astronomy.  First two scientists from Caltech darn near proved that there is another unseen planet at the edge of the solar system.  Now, a different group says they’ve spotted some unusual objects in our galaxy:

Astronomers think they may have found giant “invisible” structures lurking in the Milky Way. These things seem to be pretty big – roughly the size of Earth’s orbit around the Sun – and they could help to explain where a bunch of missing matter in the universe is, known as the missing baryon problem.

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  2. Jake J. Kuderski said:

    We only see one trillionth of the magnetic light spectrum. Wait till they reveal that there is a planet between the Earth and sun on a different wave length. That would solve why the Earth rotates the way it does for gravity of the earth, sun, and moon doesn’t add up to our orbit

  3. Nicholas DeWelles said:

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  4. Mike Littlefield said:

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  5. Jake J. Kuderski said:

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  6. Terry Williams said:

    Probably extraterrestrials creating another planet or something.
    I know that’s where I would wanna be, if I have a choice someday. I would wanna be up there with them, flying around in a triangle shaped starship or something similar.
    Most of our society will know the truth in 2016, the fact that we are not alone, that aliens are less alien to us then many know.
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  7. Justin Arends said:

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  8. Jake J. Kuderski said:

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  9. Zoro Santiago said:

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  10. Matt Marti said:

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  11. Joshua Page said:

    I think it’s and area I call a “Dead Zone”… with all the stars planets and nebulas ect. There is a huge gravitational field going on everywhere. Kinda pulling in all directions… in these areas. I believe is where gravity fluxes and rips space apart. Forming a bubble in space… everything gravity, particles, ect exist outside of and around these areas but not within, and area that is DEAD… Possibly an area where our laws of physics and thermodynamics don’t apply…. Said bubbles in space, could potentially provide the capsule we need to achieve lights speed and beyond

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