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Top 25 Scientific Mysteries That Still Remain Unsolved

Top 25 Scientific Mysteries That Still Remain Unsolved

Did you know ALL of these? Some of the things all around us are on this list.  A lot of phenomena that we take for granted remain mysteries to the scientific community.  Have you ever thought about some of these?  I bet you have. This video examines these 25: From the composition of the universe

Planet X aka Niburu Some Are Saying Might Not Exist

there is a HUGE BUZZ from astronomers about it… Astronomers who announced a possible large planet at the edge of our solar system are being debated.  What is hardly debated is that something is there.  Yesterday the two astronomers confirmed some very strong anomolies in the kuiper belt that would make it mathematically extremely likely for

Do You Know If Light Is A Particle or A Wave?

Which one is it? This question has been debated for some time and the answer might surprise you.  There is an extremely old experiment called the double silt experiment which will help us shed light 😉 on this extremely old question.  The narrator in this video examines this old test in modern society and starts

10 Mysteries In Science That THEY Still Can’t Explain

Do you know about these? Despite microscopes, telescopes, scientific modeling and the like, these phenomena are unexplained.  One in particular that on one can really say is the origin of space from a science perspective.  Many have said it is the big bang but what happened before that?  Speaking of the big bang even that

Is Time Just An Illusion?

this is a theory that could be crazy or crazy smart.. Who really knows but this journey through the different possibilities really makes you think.  There has been more talk lately about quantum entanglement and of course the famous double slit experiment.  What does that have to do with time?  Well, those properties of physics

Top 10 Biological and Mental Mysteries Of People

This is a really cool list of human reactions or biological phenomena that happen, we are aware of them, but do not know how they came to be.  Here are some examples from the list: Deja Vu. Ever get that feeling that you’ve been here before? Or remember something happening to you as it actually happens?

Could There Be 10 Dimensions Or More?

What do you think? Trippy and smart guy breaks this down on video.  His channel already has over 7.5 million views.  This is likely because many people are curious about the subject.  It has been discussed in science fiction movies and many scientific theories swirl around but no one is certain. The comments on this

The Things That COULD Have Lived On Mars

Science fictionish in theory but interesting…is he right? This 19th century astronomer theorized that some of the red planet markings were from civilizations of the past.  Although that is not completely unique in theory, the vast explanation of how these “markings” were made and why is what is particularly fascinating.  He, as well as famous

What Are The Chances Of Finding Alien Civilizations?

The “Drake Equation” has just changed.. The search for alien life continues strong in 2015 and is not a topic reserved for those on the fringe.  Scientists at MIT and Cornell are weighing in on things.  The advent of exoplanets being detectable is making some news: The Drake equation describes “N”: the number of civilizations in