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10 Strange Events That Happened On Earth

do you know about THESE? There are often reports, especially around the internet about strange and mysterious events from all over the world.  Some of them seem more credible than others and have been reported by multiple people.  Lately there have been strange reports of fracking quakes in Oklahoma but that is another story.  The

5 of The Weirdest Time Travel “Stories”

are these bogus or not? Einstein has posed certain theories about gravity and wormholes warping space time.  Time Travel is a very debated subject with theories from scientists as well as those into the “paranormal”.  And we have found an interesting video sharing 5 reported stories where time travel supposidely occurred. We are definitely in no

Have You Heard Of This Banach-Tarski Paradox?

Can you get your mind around THIS?? The concept is very bizarre and the ever inquisitive “VSauce” walks us through.  It is hard to get one’s mind around this one but he gets into depth in the details thoroughly and it involves thinking about 3 dimensional plains in a new way.  Once commenter even says: I lost you

Are Space And Time Part of One Continuum?

what do you think? Scientists and individual thinkers alike have pondered this for centuries.  These concepts are taken mostly to be fact except when we reach quantum mechanics and things get even more interesting.  Here is a quick refresher course on Einstien’s work in this area.  There is and a video discussing these concepts of space

What Exactly is “Present Time”?

Can we even quantify this? In the 4 dimensions we seem to perceive, are we even capable of describing NOW?  There are all sorts of discussions on time travel into the future and into the past.  Most of us think of that concept with someone wearing a vest hopping into a sports car 😉  You

Could “Quantum Teleportation” Work?

is this too far out there? In this video they discuss a way out there concept.  Shows like Star Trek and others in science fiction have portrayed futuristic devices that cam teleport you.  They are trying to relate it to quantum physics in this case which may or may not even be relevant.  Tying notional

Is This Why Earth Has Life And Mars Doesn’t?

this will make you THINK… Have you ever wondered why Earth supports life and Mars does not?  You may or may not know about this but Earth’s magnetic field plays a super important role in this.  We often focus on things like the atmosphere and the cellular level communicating with each other through DNA.  However

Could There be 10 Dimensions or More?

now THIS will make you THINK… Could there be infinite dimensions?  Some think the visible universe goes on to infinity.  Others think it extends a certain distance albeit extremely far and that is it.  And it is almost universally agreed upon (although who really knows) that there are at least 4 physical dimensions that we

How Could Teleportation ACTUALLY Work?

is science fiction becoming science reality? A recent experiment all but proved the concept.  You may or may not have heard about this as the internet has been going nuts.  And of course Star Trek fans remember di lithium crystals which are impossible in terms of our chemistry knowledge and other cool things like teleportation.

Welcome to the 11th Dimension…

can you dig THIS? Some scientists say there may even be infinity dimensions.  The concept is completely trippy and this video examines let’s say 11 of them.  Of course there is a lot of theory involved although the points they make are fascinating.  When we think of dimensions most of us think length width depth