Astronomers Are Reporting About A Huge “Invisible Structures” In The Milky Way

first a new planet now THIS?

You read the headline correctly and it surprised us too.  Apparently this has been quite a week for astronomy.  First two scientists from Caltech darn near proved that there is another unseen planet at the edge of the solar system.  Now, a different group says they’ve spotted some unusual objects in our galaxy:

Astronomers think they may have found giant “invisible” structures lurking in the Milky Way. These things seem to be pretty big – roughly the size of Earth’s orbit around the Sun – and they could help to explain where a bunch of missing matter in the universe is, known as the missing baryon problem.

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  1. Jake J. Kuderski said:

    So, going back to the topic. I highly believe that these structures are closer to us than we know. There’s an article I read explaining portals (not in the sense of dimensional travel, but closely relative to it) outside the Earth’s magnetic sphere. There is an invisible phenomenon that indeed takes particals” away” and science is baffled to what it could be.

  2. Geno Del Fava said:

    When is the Bullshit gonna end..!? Jesus H. Christ, people who think and breath know we are not alone, just tired of people trying to tell me, we are going to Mars and we are never going to get their because it’s nothing but a lie…