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The SETI Program Will Be Searching For Aliens…Again

The SETI Program Will Be Searching For Aliens…Again

They say never quit ūüėČ Apparently a Russian billionaire is pouring a lot of money into the search for extraterrestrials. Yuri Milner is going to put up $100 million dollars over the course of 10 years to give S.E.T.I. it’s biggest boost in decades. Carl Sagan and S.E.T.I. made history in the 1970s in their

Could Aliens Exist On Exoplanet Kepler-186F?

There has been a lot of discussion lately on the internet about the search for extraterrestrials. Some of this has to do with the “alien star” they found recently with an unusual looking sphere around it. Also, a billionaire has invested $100 million dollars to retart the SETI program. And, the discovery of exoplanet Kepler-186F

What Does Magnetism Have To Do With The Search For Aliens?

The search for extraterrestrials is a fascinating field and there have been many different ways astronomers have attempted to find evidence of them.  However, there is an interesting technique using magnetism: From ESO-Cast. Giant telescopes are being used to search for the subtle signs of magnetic fields in other stars and even to map out the

10 Ways Interstellar Space Travel Could Actually Be Achieved

This video examines 10 possible ways that future space travel missions could reach other stars.  The closest known star to our solar system is Alpha Centauri at just over 4 light years away.  By galactic standards that is super close, but still a super far distance by our known travel techniques.  Could some sort of

How Would Our Solar System Look To An Alien?

Have you ever wondered what our solar system would look like to an alien? ¬†We often spend time and money searching for evidence of extraterrestrials, especially with the focus recently on exoplanets. ¬†The most famous of course was discovered this year names Kepler 452-b. ¬†If you haven’t heard, it is considered to be the most

Are Advanced Alien Civilizations Rare?

These folks seem to think so.. Astronomers are using a technique to detect energy use as a sign of advanced alien civilizations.  Here is a bit more information on their methods: Advanced civilizations harnessing energies on galactic scales (so-called Kardashev Type III civilizations) are expected to be detectable in the mid-Infrared part of the spectrum

S.E.T.I. Alien Message Mystery Revisited [Video]

The S.E.T.I. program received a strange message many decades ago that has been decoded into an infographic.  Although there has been much debate, no one can prove the origins: In 1974, the Arecibo Radio Telescope received a major technological overhaul resulting in a massive boost in transmission power. To celebrate the upgrade, Doctors Frank Drake and

Starshades Could Help Us In The Search For Aliens

Have you heard of these? The search for galaxies, quasars and other incredibly bright formations has taken leaps forward with The Hubble Telescope.  However, detecting the exoplanets that may orbit stars within galaxies are difficult to detect due to the brightness of the stars they would likely be orbiting around.  So, this team has an

What Is At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea?

Apparently there is a very unusual object at the bottom of The Baltic Sea.  It was discovered in 2011 and the theories of the origins of this thing are all over the place. Is the Baltic Sea Anomaly a 14,000 year old alien spacecraft that crash landed? In what seems to come straight out of

10 Unusual Planets That Could Host Alien Life

With super telescopes like Hubble and the European Southern Observatory, astronomers have been able to detect things that were previously impossible.  Many exoplanets have now been spotted and this video lists the 10 that we think are most likely to have alien life.  Now of course, life could exist in other forms than we understand,