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One Astronomer Says Aliens Are Still Likely…Just Fewer OF Them

One Astronomer Says Aliens Are Still Likely…Just Fewer OF Them

Are they right? From the Fermi paradox to the drake equation, the debate about aliens rages on.  There is a new study with a new model that may not mean we are alone, but may make it more likely that there are fewer extraterrestrials than we thought.  That is a mouthful and here is more background

Does The Octopus Have Alien DNA?

it could be possible…right? Octopai are surprisingly smart aside from having an absolutely BIZARRE appearance.  One might thin that these are just slimy unusual creatures incapable of intelligent thought.  In actuality they are extremely smart and have a very unusual body.  This is why a lot of scientists think they could have genes from other civilizations.

NASA Had This To Say When Asked “What If We Encounter Aliens”

Do you agree with their answer? What they said about the matter might actually surprise you.  NASA was recently asked in an interview about the possibility of warp drive among other things.  Out of the entire interview there was one section that caught our interest.  It happened to be about aliens.  Yes, they seem to

3 Top Reasons We Have Not Seen Aliens Yet…

Have you heard of the Fermi paradox? It is a puzzling contradiction in extraterrestrial “calculation”.  Basically what we think we know of the universe in that it is extremely vast and it would seem a high likelihood that we’d have seen aliens by now.  Yet the fact that “most” of us have not visibly seen

Top 10 Reasons Aliens Haven’t Reached Out To Us Just Yet

What do you think the reasons are? From the S.E.T.I. to program to exoplanet search there has been a lot of discussion about extraterrestrials.  And it is not just for people on the fringe as NASA has engaged in this debate, especially recently with a lot of interesting data coming in. There have of course over

What Are The Probabilities Of Finding An Alien Civilization?

Astronomers use something called the “drake equation” and it just changed.. The search for alien life is going strong and some factors may have just changed.  Scientists at MIT and Cornell are weighing in on things.  Also let’s remember in 2015 they restarted the S.E.T.I. program with the help of a Russian billionaire as well

Take A Journey To “Alien Worlds” Beyond Our Solar System

This makes you THINK… 8 new planets that could host aliens are examined in depth.  They take a visual journey through some of the most promising exoplanets that have been found by powerful telescopes such as The Hubble.  There has been an extra focus on these types of formations as they may have atmospheres and

Could Comet 67P Have Evidence Of Organisms?

This MAY be arguably one of the most exciting findings.. Instead of searching for typical “aliens” it may be the micro evidence that tells us a lot.  There is a comet 67P that astronomers have discovered to show some very promising signs in this search for extraterrestrials or other organisms: In a series of recently

S.E.T.I. “Alien Message” Revisited 41 Years Later

If this strange message is real it was possibly from galaxy Messier 13.  The S.E.T.I. program received a strange message many decades ago.  Although there has been much debate, no one can prove the origins.  It is very contyroversial with many people saying it was a hoax or a misread.  However there are a lot of

Top 3 Reasons Why We Haven’t “Seen” Aliens

Are you familiar with the Fermi paradox? The main crux of it is basically the contradiction of the seemingly high likelihood of extraterrestrials given the vastness of the visible universe yet the fact that “most” of us have not visibly seen aliens.  A very clever philosopher examines this paradox further with 3 fascinating and thought

Is Searching For Aliens Actually A Good Idea?

Ok…so let’s say we make contact. A professor at The University of California, Irvine weighs in on the notion.  Most of us have an internal curiosity about what other life forms would look like, act like and just making contact in general.  We do assume they would be friendly for the most part (unless you’re

Some Think Octopai Actually Have Genes From Aliens

Is this too far out? If nothing else octopai are unusually smart.  You might think that these slimy and unusual creatures are not t capable of complex thought.  However, they are incredibly bright and have a very unusual body.  This is why some scientists think they may have genes from other civilizations.  There is even

NASA Was Asked What To Do If We Encounter Aliens

They had an answer.. What they said might be a different perspective than you might expect.  In a recent interview NASA was asked many different questions, including the possibility of warp drive.  The one that caught our interest was about aliens.  Often we hear discussions of this topic and think that is for those on

Have You Heard Of The “Alien Wow Signal”?

They re-examined it.. In 1977 Earth received a mysterious signal.  An astronomer named Jeremy Ehman was using a large telescope in the hopes of picking up radio waves from other civilizations.  He was looking in the wavelength that would be similar to hydrogen.  Given that this might be the most abundant element in the universe