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Underwater Monolith Has Just Been Discovered

Underwater Monolith Has Just Been Discovered

  This may be one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries in a long time.  An incredible and unexpected stone has been found in the Mediterranean Sea: A mysterious monolith has been discovered buried on the sea bed off the coast of Sicily. Broken into two parts, the rock has three holes that experts say

10 Strong Theories That Aliens Exist

Most people, not everyone though, feel the odds that we are alone in the universe are slim.  With 100 billion visible galaxies in the known universe (and stress the word known), and most of those galaxies having billions of stars, the odds of some sort of intelligent life form other than ours existing seems strong.

Backwards Time Travel May Not Be The Best Idea

The topic of time travel is often debated and more than ever with new theories regarding E=mc2 and the beginnings of our universe.  So what would happen if we time traveled backwards?  This physicist sure proposes an interesting scenario given such a phemomena: It’s a common trope in science-fiction novels: Astronauts travel back in time

Who Or What Made These Huge Blocks of Stone?

In Baalbek, Lebanon there are some big blocks of stone. Absolutely enormous. Who or what made these? The narrator mentions that many archaeologists think the Romans were responsible. However, he points out that he thinks the Romans built on top of these stones, but lacked the technology to make such blocks! He also seems to

Incredible Discovery on Easter Island

Heiroglyphics have been studied by Egyptologists, archaeologists and debated strongly as to their origins and meanings.  Now there is a discovery on Easter Island that will surely add to the mystery and excitement of these ancient languages: Everything you thought you knew is about to be proven false. The Easter Island heads are actually more

Is This Mysterious Pyramid For Real?

Here are claims of a mysterious oceanic pyramid.  We don’t have an opinion and it is definitely “out there”.  However it is interesting and will let you decide: This story originated from claims by Dr Ray Brown that aired on The history channel. There are simply not enough facts to say whether or not these new

Time Travel Tunnel ALLEGEDLY Discovered in China

this is veeery far out there… There are rumors of a time travel tunnel in the East.  Is this true or is it bogus?  Here is what the video maker had to say about this phenomenon: Does a Time Travel Tunnel exist in China? The “time tunnel” as locals call it, mysteriously dial back the

Could Time Travel Soon Become a Reality?

Most people have wondered if time travel is possible and if so how would it work?  From supercharged DeLoreans in Back To The Future and other movies and shows we have long wondered if this really could be possible.  One of the main well known issues in regards to the subject is called The Grandfather

Scary the Number 6 6 6 Decoded by Numberphile

The numberphile as he calls himself dives in to the mystery behind the number 6 6 6.  It has been called the number of the beast.  What does that mean?  In addition to being referenced in the bible with such a description it has interesting mathematical properties.  Apparently that number also turns up in the

Why is a Giant Ice Circle Turning in This North Dakota River

The Cheyenne River in North Dakota has a perfect circle of ice probably fifty feet in diameter (maybe more) circling in perfect motion.  There is no explanation and the narrator seems perplexed as well.  In the Pacific Ocean and other large bodies of non flowing water whirlpool phenomenon have been observed.  In this case there

This Guy Decodes Crop Circles..Is He Right?

This guy has a really interesting theory about crop circles.  He also claims to have had contact personally with many alien life forms in the last few years.  I am not one to judge, anything is possible.  There have been certain crop circles that have been poorly formed and proven to be bogus.  What is