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Top 5 Time Travel Stories That Are Unbelievable

Top 5 Time Travel Stories That Are Unbelievable

can you dig THIS? Time Travel is a widely debated topic with theories from scientists as well as those into the “paranormal”. Einstein has posed certain theories about gravity and wormholes warping space time. And we have found an interesting video sharing 5 reported stories where time travel supposidely occurred. We obviously are not vouching

Is This “Time Travel” Paradox Possible?

whoa…what do you think? What do you think is it possible in a way we might not think?  Time travel is one of the most fascinating topics of science fiction and in regards to the quantum area of science, science as well.  Usually when we envision such a scenario we think of an adventurous character

Is This Theoretically How to “Time Travel”?

is this crazy or crazy smart? Some scientists think it is possible albeit differently than we might think.  This video is from a theoretical and philosophical examination of time travel possibilities.  The gentleman who narrates the video poses a very fascinating and “different” way to think about time traveling possibilities!  Here is what he had

How Could Teleportation ACTUALLY Work?

is science fiction becoming science reality? A recent experiment all but proved the concept.  You may or may not have heard about this as the internet has been going nuts.  And of course Star Trek fans remember di lithium crystals which are impossible in terms of our chemistry knowledge and other cool things like teleportation.

Does Your Height Change at the “Oregon Vortex”?

Is this TRIPPY place what they say?? Have you heard of the mystery of the Oregon Vortex?  If not, they claim that your height will change simply by walking a couple steps away from the place where you first measuered it.  The comments are very spirited on whether this is bogus or not.  The sign

Have You Heard of Britain’s Roswell?

Is there something to this? Some people are claiming there was a visit from the year 8100 involving binary code.  This sounds completely far out of course although it is a fascinating story if nothing else.  If there weren’t for the double slit experiment and the new reports about quantum physics this story would likely

Backwards Time Travel May Not Be a Good Idea

What do you think? Time travel is an often debated topic and more than ever with new theories regarding E=mc2 and the beginnings of our perceivable universe.  And when the term “perceivable” is used here it refers to our capability to comprehend time or lack thereof.  We may not be able to comprehend it at

Guy is Convinced Time Travel Actually Happened

Is he crazy or crazy like a fox? in the 1980s there is a mysterious reported event that one person is convinced indicates time travel.  We will straight up say that it is very far out there in terms of evidence but worth sharing and you can form your own opinion. Here is more from

Guy Talks About Sending Binary Code Back In Time

now THAT is a bold statement… This gentleman says he knows how to go back in time, or at least send binary code into years past.  Here is a brief intro to this: Dr. Ronald L. Mallett discusses the only practical way of sending a message back in time. To use binary code through time using

NASA Does Not Know Who Made These Ancient Structures

Do you know about these? There have been many famous archaeological mysteries that have been debated in terms of how they were made, from Stonehenge to Egyptian structures and the like.  Apparently there are some structures in Kazakhstan that no one can explain: Back in 2007, a series of huge, mysterious geoglyphs were discovered in

Mysterious Dancing Lights In North America [Video]

Did you know about these? In a few parts of North America there are some very mysterious sightings, and not necessarily extraterrestrial.  This video examines some of these bizarre sightings: In Death Valley, rocks and boulders appear to be cruising around on their own. Can this strange and seemingly impossible phenomenon be explained? North Carolina’s

10 Completely Strange Events That Happened On Earth

There are often reports, especially around the internet about strange and mysterious events from all over the world.  Some of them seem more credible than others and have been reported by multiple people.  This video lists the top 10 events that fit this criterea.  Here is one of them: Japanese Trees?) What do neutron stars,

20 Mysterious Ancient Artifacts

This list discusses 20 really unusual ancient artifacts from all over planet earth.  There is speculation that ancient civilizations with interaction with aliens may have had something do with some or all of these.  I am neutral on this one but if nothing else, this list is extremely interesting no matter what side you are

Top 10 Underwater Mysteries

Here are 10 extremely mysterious discoveries from beneath the oceans and seas. We have often heard about the lost city of Atlantis and sunken treasures from the pirate era.  Atlantis still has not been proven, although the jury remains out if it really is a lost city.  Some of the actual visible mysteries in this

10 Unusual Events That Actually Happened

This video lists out some very unusual events that actually took place.  Some of them are a bit gross, but it is interesting: Top 10 Mysterious Events on Earth in history including the unsolved, weirdest, and strangest. It Begins by Raining Inside) This might be one of the most insane mysteries I’ve heard. While on

Is Time Travel Possible? [Video]

The narrator in this time travel discussion is Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist, and a long time friend of Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan.In his approach to theorizing he brings up some intelligent points. We would like to probe the laws of physics with experiment and theory.  However wormholes, and this era of technology still