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Robot Arrested at political rally

Robot Arrested at political rally

Is this even real? We live in a time were we have made great achievements in the field of robotics. We use them for everything from manufacturing to vacuuming floors. Now we have a robot which is being considered something of a troublemaker and was arrested at a political rally in Russia, and this is not

Pouring molten copper inside a coconut

For Science! Occasionally we need to do things not because they necessarily further the cause of science but because it’s fun and we want to see what will happen, and the following video does exactly that. This YouTuber has spent a fair amount of time pouring molten copper on several objects and this is his

Solution for the “Grandfather Paradox”?

When thinking of traveling through time, our first goal is probably not to interfere with our own birth…but what if we did? What happens if you end up killing your grandfather while travelling back in time? Would you still be born? If you were never born how could you travel back in time in the first