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Can Vortex Mathematics Lead to Free Energy

Can Vortex Mathematics Lead to Free Energy

Is there something to this? One or the more controversial topics making its way around the internet is that of vortex based math.  Some people say it is loosely pieced together and nonsense, others think it is groundbreaking.  Here is an excerpt from an author who dives in a bit: Can Vortex Mathematics Lead to

Are Space And Time One Continuum?

what do you think? Space, time, the theory of relativity and the 4th dimension likely all intertwine.  These concepts are taken mostly to be fact except when we reach quantum mechanics and things get even more interesting.  Here is a brief refresher on Einstien’s work in this area and a video discussing the concept of space

Is The Speed of Light Unbreakable?

Can anything go FASTER? Scientists say that “tachyons” might actually be able to do it. The science fan and researcher Veritasium examines the question, can anything travel faster than the speed of light.  Scientists and science fans actually are in both camps, and it is almost impossible to discuss this debate without referencing the work

What’s The Smallest “Thing” In The Universe?

Can you guess? Hint:  “Thing” is debatable and it is much smaller than an atom.  Usually we thing of large distances in light years and space debates focus on the farthest “thing” we can detect with our primitive tools.  However this particular video examines: the smallest unit of measurement in the Universe, the Planck Length.  What

To This Day No One Can Get Their Mind Around It..

STILL.. The science of endless time is debated yet this guy thinks he figured it out.  In a fascinating video, they examine this notion.  There are opinions from all perspectives on this one. The one philosopher near the start of the video states infinity is an illusion just like the speed of light once was. Does

Is There a Hidden Microscopic Universe?

Can you get your mind around THIS? Quantum physics and some of the latest discoveries may shed light on this question. We measure things with the doppler effect, light years and powerful telescopes. What about an infinitely small universe?? We are able to study protons and neutrons, electrons and now even quarks. What if there

Top 10 Things That Science STILL Can’t Explain

Do you know all of them? Despite all the tools and theories scientists use, there are still many unexplained mysteries.  How can that be?  This list may even make you question some of Einstein’s theories. .  How does lightspeed change speed and what does that say about E=mc2? Also how can light be a wave and

Top 10 Theories of What Time Actually Is

What are your thoughts on the 4th dimension? Spacetime and the 4th dimension are common terms for time and there are other “out there” notions.  When I say out there I do not mean irrelevant or inaccurate.  That is just being used as a catch all term for quantum physics and factors involved in things

Would Headlights Work At The Speed Of Light?

What do you think? AT 186,000 miles per second things might be a lot different. The ever adventurous YouTUber who goes by the name of “VSauce” often asks some unusual questions and then engages in a scientific fact finding mission. In this case he wants to know would your car headlights work if the car