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The World’s First Time Machine According to…

The World’s First Time Machine According to…

wait what? The world’s first time machine??  That is an extremely strong statement and is indeed being claimed by the title of this video.  That being said our curiosity is piqued.  The intro text to the video says: Time travel is one of mankind’s favorite fantasies. But what if it were possible to build a

A New Theory About the Fabric of Space Time is…

what a TRIP… Einstein and thinkers for thousands of years still can’t get their mind around this.  Maybe we will never understand all the dimensions and how the 4th dimension works.  That is fine but that won’t stop scientists from trying to learn and theorise.  So what is space time fabric anyway?  Can you touch

10 Science Mysteries That THEY Still Can’t…

have you heard of THESE? Despite microscopes, telescopes, scientific modeling and the like, these phenomena are unexplained.  One in particular that on one can really say is the origin of space from a science perspective.  Many have said it is the big bang but what happened before that?  Speaking of the big bang even that

Can You Dig This Theory on The Evolution of Time?

this will BLOW your mind We may never be able to comprehend this.  However it is always a fascinating and debated topic.  What do you think about space time and the whole concept of the 4th dimension?  This video examines the notion in depth: We are all time travelers… drifting through time at a steady

Have You Heard of Zeno’s Paradox?

this is STRANGE… Can you get your mind around this one?  One of the trippier paradoxes in science is demonstrated here.  You may have heard of another one making its way around the internet from the very clever “Vsauce”.  In this video the ever informative “Numberphile” gets into this one.  Have you heard of it?

Could the Substance Glass Actually be a Liquid?

some scientists think YES… This is a perspective that many people have overlooked. They bring up a strong point of view in this video that glass could actually be a liquid.  And this goes against everything we were taught…kind of.  There are 3 – 4 states of matter depending on who you ask.  Solid, liquid, gas

Have You Heard Of This Banach-Tarski Paradox Before?

this is a trippy concept.. The concept is very out there and the ever inquisitive “VSauce” walks us through. It may be difficult to get your mind around this. The narrator does a thoroughly good job of this and it involves thinking about 3 dimensional plains in a new way.  Once commenter even says: I lost you

Are There 10 Dimensions or Even Infinity?

some think SO… Could there be infinite dimensions and can you get your mind around that?  Some think the visible universe goes on to infinity.  Others think it extends a certain distance albeit extremely far and that is it.  And it is almost universally agreed upon (although who really knows) that there are at least

Can Any of These Exoplanets Actually Hear Us?

now THIS could get interesting. So we have heard from NASA and their big announcement except the exoplanet is 1,400 light years away.  Here is some more perspective on the finding and in what context it’s potential significance: Today, NASA announced Kepler has identified 500 more possible planets, bringing the total to 4,175. And one

This Theory of Time Will Make You Scratch Your Head

what do they mean? Time travel is one of the most debated concepts/states/dimensions or what have you for centuries.  With the advent of the internet we can collaboratively discuss and watch multiple videos and theories on the subject.  Here is an intro: Universal Time, Standard Time, clock synchronization – it’s all just an illusion! As