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Is DIY Surgery With Robots The Future Of Health?

Is DIY Surgery With Robots The Future Of Health?

Science is pushing then envelope in all areas including health, and these advancements are improving surgical robots capabilities: In 2015, if you need an operation, you go to a hospital. The Open Surgery Machine imagines a future in which getting an appendectomy is as DIY as downloading a template from Thingsverse and firing up your

Are Nanoparticles the Future in the Fight Against Cancer?

Cancer rates have surpassed epidemic proportions and something needs to be done.  1 out of 4 deaths in America is from cancer and about 1.2 million Americans are diagnosed anually.  Outside the box thinking may be what it takes to beat this thing worldwide and this video is very intriguing.  Some have said that a

Woman Doesn’t Use Soap or Shampoo As An Experiment

Have you heard of the microbiome?  Well you have one and it is at the forefront of medicine and scientific discovery.  The term gut feeling is for a reason.  We have 100 trillion bacteria in our gut flora alone and as many nerves as a cat brain.  The microbiome makes up all of the organisms

The Science of Happines..This is Life Changing

This is a life changing study on the science of happiness.  It’s true that most people think that if they have a lot of money, delicious food or something else that they will be happy.  Although those things can be nice, especially tasty treats, this study finds something so simple that contributes to actual real

Do GMO Foods Cause Tumors in Rats..and People?

Horrifying study about GMO foods in France link tumor growth in rats fed corn that has been genetically modified.  French Prime minister calls for country wide ban on genetically modified food.  It seems as if more and more countries are banning foods that have been altered by Monsanto.  There is also the question of pesticides