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This “Hidden” Feature of the Milky Way Galaxy Surprised Astronomers

This “Hidden” Feature of the Milky Way Galaxy Surprised Astronomers

what they found was a complete surprise… No astronomers even had any idea these mysterious formations were there.  They discovered this while using the VISTA telescope.  Apparently what they found was actually not known until recently.  They used some very smart methods to map a lot of different cepheid stars.  A Cepheid is basically a star with

Could THESE Engines Actually Take Us Beyond Mars?

could science fiction become science reality? You may or may not be aware of some of the amazing new prototypes NASA has tested.  Currently as most people are aware, we have been bound by the solar system (at least physically anyway).  And of course there have been shows like Star Trek and others that portray

Could This New Method For “Finding Aliens” Actually Work?

now THAT is crazy clever… Astronomers have sent radio signals into space and have hyper targeted their new search.   This new sophisticated system is quite clever.  Quality not quantity that’s what they say right? There have been many methods used to search for alien life and this is the first of its kind. And up

What are These Neutron Stars Telling Us…

deep space just got stranger…. Last year the detection of “Fast Radio Bursts” are thought to have come from one of these in deep space.  However no one knows for sure.  Most astronomers think it was from a neutron star in the Messier galaxy.  So what else can we learn from them? Neutron stars are

Huge Universal Explosions Powered By “Space Magnets”

is this TRIPPY or what? Astronomers have discovered yet another BIZARRE phenomena regarding the universe.  Many of us are of course familiar with black holes, quasars and unusual pulsars and other space stuff!  But, who ever heard of space magnets?  (beyond general understanding of magnetism). This new observation and theory about gamma ray bursts is

Will We Ever Be Able to Travel to Other Stars?

some say no others say yes… Scientists like Stephen Hawking have pondered if and how this could be possible.  We also have entertaining and informative thinkers such as the ever adventurous VSauce.  He curates videos on a lot of scientific topics and poses questions from different perspectives.  In this video he examines how or if

List of the Top Supermassive Black Holes in the Universe

these are absolutely HUGE and bizarre Some of these are so huge it is difficult to comprehend.  Most astronomers and space fans alike take black holes to be super dense collapsing of matter and light at the center of galaxies.  However, no one knows there they lead to or of the physics change in their

Top 3 Reasons Why We Haven’t “Seen” Aliens Just Yet

are these valid and will we encounter extraterrestrial ever? A very clever philosopher examines this paradox further with 3 fascinating and thought provoking explanations. The main crux of it is basically the contradiction of the seemingly high likelihood of extraterrestrials given the vastness of the visible universe yet the fact that “most” of us have

Does the Universe Go On For Infinity?

can you get your mind around it? This has been debated since the days of the ancient Greeks.  We may never be able to get our minds around such a concept.  And there is even a video out there floating around of someone proclaiming it is an illusion yet has no logical explanation.  He just

This Timelapse Imagery of the Sun is Incredible and…

have you seen THIS? NASA timelapse pics of the sun have been put together in this rarely seen footage.  All of our energy comes from the sun and we often forget that.  Even beyond solar, oil and natural gas are all the result of decomposed organic matter which got energy from the sun.  To quote

Astronomers Spot an Exoplanet Orbiting a Star That…

this is a rare finding… NASA has only spotted them in the last decade and this one is of particular interest.  Kepler 452-b the exoplanet that has been discussed so much lately is the one that is supposed to be most similar to Earth (that we have spotted). And this pic is really cool as

Astronomers Just Spotted an Asteroid With Two Rings

what does this mean? This surprised a lot of astronomers and they are still scratching their heads.  Of course rings are associated with Saturn, Neptune and other planets.  Other planets meaning exoplanets that they have spotted in the last decade.  That is for another post however.  This latest find has absolutey baffled some space experts:

Is There ACTUALLY a 3 Mile High Pyramid on Ceres?

is this a normal geological formation? or is something else out there? How on Earth (or far away from Earth actually) did this structure get on Ceres?  Is it a coincidence and just a random formation or the remnants of intelligent beings?  There is a lot of debate on the matter. Plenty of observers have

FRB Signal From 6 Billion Light Years Away – Update

what or who sent this SIGNAL? The internet has been buzzing after the story of a strange space signal went viral.  Commonly known as an FRB or “fast radio burst” their origin is still a mystery and only a few have ever been detected.  The most recent and famous one was found just a few