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Planet Kepler-186F May Be Inhabitable For Extraterrestrials

does this planet have life that we can communicate with? The search for extraterrestrials has fascinated us and been a hotly debated topic.  From the S.E.T.I. program to other methods, lately the focus on exoplanets has gained a lot of attention.  There is one in particular that has caught the attention of many astronomers: Scientists

They Went Deeper In Space Than The Hubble and Found…

astronomers were surprised… Wow…In this particular region of space the telescope at ESO has actually gone deeper than the Hubble.  Here is a bit more from the story: The MUSE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile has given astronomers the best ever three-dimensional view of the deep Universe. After staring at the Hubble

Top 10 Strangest Stars Ever Found in Outer Space

these stars are BIZARRE… Here is a list of 10 of the strangest stars that we have seen in space.  Some are similar to our own Sun and some display properties that are incredibly unusual and much different than our own.  One type of star that is actually very strange is a Wolf-Rayet: Astronomers have

Is There an Alien Planet Just 4.24 Light Years Away?

this could be crazy… Astronomers have spotted a potentially habitable planet orbiting our closest star.  There have been some discussions about various exoplanets lately that have made a buzz with astronomers and space fans alike.  And now they have spotted an exoplanet that may be the closest ever detected.  And they did not use the

What Is The Smallest “Thing” In The Universe?

it is waaaaay smaller than an atom Hint: It is named after someone’s last name.20 Many videos cover the largest distances that we can even imagine measured in light years! However this one examines: the smallest unit of measurement in the Universe, the Planck Length. What is Planck Length? Is this just a subatomic particle,

Is There Actually a Hidden Microscopic Universe?

whoa!  that is a trip So if the universe is infinitely big can it also be infinitely small from the other direction? We measure things with the doppler effect, light years and powerful telescopes. What about an infinitely small universe?? We are able to study protons and neutrons, electrons and now even quarks. What if

They Caught an Epic Black Hole Melt Down On Video

this is gnarly… Astronomers have spotted a never seen before phenomenon.  Every now and then there is something that is just plain cool.  Not necessarily any theory to test or new invention, but the observation of space and how incredible the activity can be: Black hole extravaganza from ESOcast. Not long ago, watching something being

They Pointed a Laser at Saturn to See What Happens

not sure that was a great idea? Let’s see what happens when astronomers point a laser into space.  Apparently the team thinks they can detect images with much more clarity than using previous mirror and telescope techniques.  Here is some info on their experiment: The 4 Laser Guide Star Facility (4LGSF) team have achieved first

Did Early Humans See Black Holes at Night?

no way? Astronomers think some of the earliest people on Earth saw them.  Is that too hard to believe or is it a possibility?  This does seem to come off as far fetched but there is some method to this madness.  At least according to some.  Here is the intro and a bit of description

Where is This “Mystery” Signal Coming From?

any guesses? From the SETI program to crop circles there have been plenty of mysterious regarding things we may have or have not “detected”.  Here is another to add to the mystery: Exactly what may be causing the signal is hotly debated by scientists. Possibilities range from evaporating black holes to alien communication and merging

They Found Some Mysterious Near Earth Objects

these are kinda weird.. They seem to be following a straight line and almost have a form that looks manipulated?  Were you aware of this?  here is what NASA had to say after spotting these: A new study using data from NASA’s NEOWISE space telescope has traced some dark Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) back to their

Would Our Solar System Look Like THIS From An Alien’s View?

is this possible? We look at other planets with the hubble space telescope however this may be an “alien’s perspective”. We have all seen models of our solar system, and with the new pics from Pluto sent by the New Horizon, even more detail of the planets themselves.  What would our solar system look like

5 Mysterious Photos From Mars That Left Astronomers BAFFLED

these remain a mystery… NASA is even scratching their heads on some of them. For some reason the planet Mars seems to generate the most amount of theories and speculation in terms of strange activity or possible life out of any planet in the solar system.  And the mysteries just keep on coming in.  For

NASA Flys by Enceladus and Finds Some “Strange Formations”

what are THESE? Enceladus hes been unusual since early pics in 2004 and now things have gotten much weirder!  Some of the formations on the surface have BAFFLED astronomersas they have no strong explanation.  Here is a bit more information on exactly what they have found: If you thought Saturn’s moon Enceladus couldn’t get any more bizzare —

In 1917 Astronomers Discovered Something That Was…

who knew about THIS?? Even though it was spotted almost 100 years ago this is an astronomical phenomenon that is getting a lot of buzz finally. All astronomers and almost every space fan has heard of the phenomena of exoplanets. The most famous of these is named kepler 452-b due to it’s “Earth like” atmosphere.  It

The Hubble Just Spotted These “Light Formations” on Jupiter

whoa! The surprises in our very own solar system never cease to amaze.  Many are familiar with the famous red Jupiter spot that seems to keep going.  And that is mysterious enough as most astronomers cannot completely explain it.  And now you can add another Jupiter mystery: Astronomers are using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

Astronomers Report a Huge “Invisible Structure” In The Milky Way

first the “milky way oddities” now this? The headline correctly and it surprised us too.  This has been an insanely busy year for astronomy. First two scientists from Caltech darn near proved that there is another unseen planet at the edge of the solar system.  Now, a different group of astronomers sas they’ve spotted some