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This Guy Decodes Crop Circles..Is He Right?

This guy has a really interesting theory about crop circles.  He also claims to have had contact personally with many alien life forms in the last few years.  I am not one to judge, anything is possible.  There have been certain crop circles that have been poorly formed and proven to be bogus.  What is

How To Make An LED Illusion Mirror..This Is Rad.

Do you like looking at cool things with light?  This home inventor makes a rad LED illusion mirror with some basic supplies.  Normally if you went into a furniture or lighting store, something like this could cost hundreds of dollars.  With a bit of cleverness and some supplies from home or the hardware store you

Bizarre Discovery About the CERN Supercollider Building

The CERN headquarters building in Switzerland and is one of the largest particle physics laboratories in the world.  It’s architectural structure is an incredibly large dome shape with a hole at the top covered in glass.  It is also home to one of the most controversial programs in the world as a particle supercollider.  Some

Guy Does a Cool Science Experiment with Coke Cans

What happens may surprise you.. Who doesn’t love experiments with Coke cans?  This guy does a fun home electric experiment that is super easy to setup.  What is so cool is that he harnesses electricity from a device that is turned off.  So how is he able to generate movement between these soda cans? It

Farmed Salmon and Its Incredible Dangers

Ok now many have heard of wild caught vs. farmed slamon.  Some may ask what are the differences in terms of the fish quality, environment and life of the salmon when it is raised in a farm.  Well, this video dives into some of the gross and dangerous effects. For one farmed salmon have unhealthy

The Science of Happines..This is Life Changing

This is a life changing study on the science of happiness.  It’s true that most people think that if they have a lot of money, delicious food or something else that they will be happy.  Although those things can be nice, especially tasty treats, this study finds something so simple that contributes to actual real

How Spinning an Egg Turns It Inside Out

This is just a cool home experiment.  The guy in this video spins an egg and in essence turns it inside out.  Yellow on the outside and white on the inside.  Totally bizarre and not sure how he thought of this but its cool.  He start by taping the egg and goes through some other

Do GMO Foods Cause Tumors in Rats..and People?

Horrifying study about GMO foods in France link tumor growth in rats fed corn that has been genetically modified.  French Prime minister calls for country wide ban on genetically modified food.  It seems as if more and more countries are banning foods that have been altered by Monsanto.  There is also the question of pesticides

This is Trippy..Watch What This Inventor Does With Motion

Wow this is pretty awesome.  Most people i.e. lets say over 1 billion type on a keyboard whether on their computer or smartphone and what comes out is text, video or pictures.  Email, SMS, social media updates are traveling around the globe in ways never possible which in and of itself is awesome.  Now this

Are Mandatory Microchip Implants Fact or Fiction?

Some people have been claiming the government will be tracking its citizens with an implantable chip.  Others often called conspiracy theorists or the paranoid would agree, and that this chip will also be mandatory.  Even in science fiction movies such as Total Recall where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character removes a trackable chip from his nose, things

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Does Mars Have Ocean Structures That We Never Imagined?

Surprising new studies show that the previous water volume of one of Mars’s oceans may have been much higher than what was once thought.  The new theory is based on an estimate of not just a standard water molecule H2O presence in the atmosphere but calculating for a different HDO  (heavy water).  By using super