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A “Time Travel” Experiment From 1971 Proved That…

A “Time Travel” Experiment From 1971 Proved That…

this is AWESOME who knew? This experiment is not often discussed yet changed science forever. Do the past, present and future all exist at the same time?  Personally I think it is a possibility but am not ready to accept this yet.  However, they did an interesting experiment in 1971.  They flew a clock around the

This is Trippy..Watch What This Guy Does With Motion

have you seen THIS? The future of keyboards and computers will trip you out. Wow this is pretty awesome.  Most people i.e. lets say over 1 billion type on a keyboard whether on their computer or smartphone and what comes out is text, video or pictures.  Email, SMS, social media updates are traveling around the

Have You Seen the Roundest Object in the World?

it’s the roundest thing/object ever… (and part of the Avogadro project) 6.022140857 × 1023 Ok now that we have identified it what can we use it for?  Many science fans may or may not know about Avogadro’s number.  It is the number of units in a mole (no not the kind you see running around in

When He Drops Basketball Off A Cliff and it…

this is amazing and it surprised a lot of people… Watch what happens when this experimenter demonstrates a property of physics called the magnus effect. Have you ever heard of this property of physics?  That is exactly the property that these ambitious experimenters are demonstrating. They toss a basketball off of an extremely high place and are sure

He Built a Laser From a Used PC and it…

now THAT is cool… Did you know this was even possible with pc parts?  Wow.  If more people could use cyber waste parts to recycle them into other uses maybe many of the landfills would be reduced and we could save a lot of time and money.  A brief excerpt from the narrator himself, here

Can “Liquid Metal” Actually Solve This Maze?

what is your guess? Physics can surprise us in ways we have never even thought of.  Who likes puzzles and mazes?  Although extremely cool the purpose of this experiment was to prove a hypothesis based on some very neat physics. Despite the seemingly simple setup of the maze the properties of physics they are testing

Guy Makes a Light Saber at Home and its Amazing

is this SWEET or what? This guy uses a 12 watt main component in this awesome laser DIY experiment…  Lightsabers and lasers are awesome and who knew there was a custom lightsaber group on the facebook?  Apparently social media can be used to unite around all sorts of interests which is awesome.  The home experimenter

Has the Superconductivity Record Been Broken?

this is AMAZING…. Superconductors may be instrumental in the future of transportation.  Basically they are materials which can conduct electricity with just about zero resistance once they go below a particular temperature. It is that “almost frictionless” state that is the key to their transportation capabilities.  Now, they may have discovered properties of incredible performance from