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Guy Makes a “Rodin Coil” at Home That Lights Up!

Guy Makes a “Rodin Coil” at Home That Lights Up!

is this an efficient energy system? Home experimenter Daniel Nunez makes a unique coil in the quest for an efficient energy system.  A lot of these types of videos have made their way around YouTube.  Some are called Tesla coils, others are called neoball pulsars and the like.  They are all slightly different.  And of

He Smothered Gallium On An iPhone and THIS Happened

Do not try this at home… When he mixed gallium and aluminum a very strange reaction actually happened..  He got himself an iPhone and some gallium which is a very neat in that it melts at room temperature. NOTE:  DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL The element gallium has some unusual

Guy Builds a “Newman Neorotor Generator” and its Rad

whoa this thing is sweet! This home experimenter built a cool efficient energy device from home.  Jack Scholze has made some neat electric motors and things based on the works of Tesla.  There are some other home experimenters who have done similar things and uploaded them.  This particular one is called a newman neorotor generator.

Two Guys Have an Epic Electricity Battle…Seriously

Have you ever seen anything like this? Uh this is something that is bizarrely cool what do you think?  Tesla of course is the world famous inventor that the car company ias named after.  In addition he has spawned many home inventory who upload videos to youtube of their tesla coils.  This battle between two

These Neodymium Magnets Destroy Stuff In Slow Motion

this is AWESOME 😉 Neodymium magnets are insanely strong and when they come at each other THIS happened.  Lucky for us these “slo motion” guys decided to do this experiment and film it for our science viewing pleasure.  Here is a brief intro into what happens here: Watch as two super-strong neodymium magnets jump together in

Guy Makes a “Coil Neoball Pulser” and its Awesome

Have you ever seen this? Clever home experimenter makes an unusual energy device and it makes THE weirdest sound.  Many YouTubers and home experimenters have made Tesla coils and different variations in the pursuit of efficient energy.  Some of them are different such as a “spooky configuration” and many of them use copper coils and

He Put a Laser In Liquid Nitrogen And THIS Happened

What happens? This home experimenter does something awesome and put it on video. Have you ever wondered what might happen if you put a laser in a container of liquid nitrogen?  Maybe you have or actually not but lucky for us this ambitious experimenter filmed it! The ever adventurous styropyro does it again with yet another

Guy Makes an Atmospheric Powered Motor And It MIGHT Be Awesome

Will this energy machine  work? Guy makes a really cool home experiment of an alternative energy machine.  Many have tried some efficient energy machines at home using different techniques and there are a lot floating around YouTube.  The most common ones involve neodymium magnets and/or some variation of a Tesla coil.  Some are better than others but

Guy Makes a “Wimshurst Generator” With 25,000 Volts

now THAT is cool… Ambitious home experimenter makes yet another amazing efficient energy device.  There have been a lot of home experiments on YouTube with variations of what are called Tesla coils and Rodin coils.  Some of them have neodymium magnets and they often vary slightly or a lot in their configuration.  Inventor Jack Scholze

When They Lit A Ping Pong Ball On Fire THIS Happened

Is this a good idea? Lucky for us some ambitious experimenters wanted to see what would happen.  It might actually surprise you.  Do not try any of these without the supervision of a professional! (seriously)  Now that we have said that, there is not just the ping pong trick but actually 10 tricks in this