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Have You Ever Seen a “Dogsaver Starship Coil”?

Have You Ever Seen a “Dogsaver Starship Coil”?

he revs it up to 12,000 RPM… Guy makes an efficient energy device based on Tesla technology.  Jack Scholze is a home experimenter famous for posting cool energy devices based on Rodin coil and Tesla concepts.  Each one of them has a slightly different configuration and an interesting name to match.  Here is a brief

When They Tested a Scientific Phenomenon THIS Happened

Have you heard of the “Leidenfrost effect”? Lucky for us these guys wanted to see what this cool phenomenon is about and they filmed it. They harnessed and actually used for an invention! It is a fascinating phenomenon that allows droplets of water to levitate and even climb uphill.  At the University of Bath, physicists have harnessed

Guy Makes a “Vortex Rodin Coil” With Plasma – Part 2

this thing is SWEET Could this type of device hold the secret for efficient energy?  We have previously posted awesome videos by home experimenters working with different Rodin and Tesla coil configurations.  Here is the follow up on what actually happens with the plasma.  Here is a brief intro into what happens from the experimenter

Guy Makes a “Rodini Rotor Ripper” at Home

what is THAT? In a cool home experiment this inventor makes a POWERFUL electrical device.  The home experimenter Jack Scholze never ceases to amaze and he is gracious enough to upload these videos on YouTube.  Many efficient energy devices have been attempted and shared on the major video portals.  A lot of them are based on

Guy Makes a Light Saber “Volcano” Style

How cool is THIS? The dude used a 12w blood orange main component and walks us through the process.  Lightsabers and lasers are awesome and who knew there was a custom lightsaber group on the facebook?  Apparently social media can be used to unite around all sorts of interests which is awesome.  The home experimenter had this

Do You Know About the Banach-Tarski Paradox?

Can you handle THIS? In concept it is BIZARRE and the host walks us through this physics mystery.  It is hard to get one’s mind around this one but he explains it very thoroughly and it involves thinking about 3 dimensional plains in a new way.  The ever inquisitive “vsauce” takes us on a trip

Can Liquid Metal Solve This Maze?

Do you think it is smart enough? This experimenter tests out a hypothesis using liquid metal and something cool happens.  No this is not like the Terminator II movie where the dude can form himself from metal.  (at least we hope its not).  It actually has to do with physics and the properties of this

Guy Makes A Vortex Coil and Fires it UP

this Tesla-based device is sweet! When he starts this device up it does something rad.  It is called a rodin coil which is also based on the works of Nikola Tesla.  There are a fair amount of coils and various home energy experiments that many YTers have done.  This one is pretty cool. Some of