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Some Scientists THINK an “Invisible Reality” is Actually There?

Some Scientists THINK an “Invisible Reality” is Actually There?

this is either crazy or crazy smart? Are there 4 dimensions or are there way more factors to this world?  Many people view the visible universe as a fixed “amount” of space stuff.  Meaning they perceive it as length, width, depth and time.  However, the double slit experiment was maybe the most popular experiment to

Have You Heard of the Phenomenon Called “Red Sprites”?

What are those things? Apparently in certain conditions these things happen in the atmosphere and are BIZARRE.  Do you think this is related to northern lights or possibly something else? Believe it or not these were just theorized before we could even observe them by a Scottish physics professor..  However it wasn’t until 1989 that

Physicists Demonstrate The Concept Of Teleportation…Seriously

Can you believe this? They did a real teleportation experiment as science fiction is becoming science reality.  Many Star Trek fans and science fiction fans have discussed this concept.  How could it happen?  it is a bogus fantasy or a possibility that is safe and not yet understood?  Lucky for us these inquisitive physicists were

Backwards Time Travel May Not Be a Good Idea

What do you think? Time travel is an often debated topic and more than ever with new theories regarding E=mc2 and the beginnings of our perceivable universe.  And when the term “perceivable” is used here it refers to our capability to comprehend time or lack thereof.  We may not be able to comprehend it at

Have You Heard of the “Coanda Effect” in Physics?

it might blow you away 😉 Transportation of the future and efficient energy may depend on this physics property.  It is named after Henri Coanda after he came up with a bright idea that you may or may not have heard of before.  It has to do with airflow and believe it or not, how

Time Experiment From 1971 Gives Some Interesting Clues

this is bizarre and awesome… Does the past, present and future all exist at the same time?  Could this actually be?  I personally think this MAY be possible but am not ready to just accept that 100%.  However, it is a fascinating possibility that has drawn the attention from more than a few people.  In

The Superconductivity Record Has Been Broken

this is INSANE…. Superconductors may hold the key to futuristic transportation.  Basically they are materials which can conduct electricity with about zero resistance once they go below a particular temperature.  It is that almost frictionless state that is the key to their transportation properties.  Now, they may have discovered properties of incredible performance from an

Do Other Dimensions and Realities Exist In Hyperspace?

Could this be possible? Some quantum physicists would argue yes.  In this fascinating video they examine details and theories about how the universe works and the key to explaining things.  Of course this is theory.  However experiments like the double slit where light can be a wave and a particle and change trajectory depending on if

Could Glass Actually Be A Liquid?

some scientists think SO… They bring up a strong point of view in this video that glass could actually be a liquid.  And this goes against everything we were taught…kind of.  There are 3 – 4 states of matter depending on who you ask.  Solid, liquid, gas and plasma.  Plasma of course the gray area between

“Gravitational Waves” Have Been Detected For The First Time EVER

they just announced this… Breaking News: After Decades of speculation Einstein’s theory is proven right.  The theory is about gravitational waves and the first experiment involving this had to do with two pocket watches.  One was flown around the world and one was on the ground.  When they were matched up there was a slight

Did CERN Break The Speed Of Light?

these scientists said they did… If this is true Einstein’s theories would be questioned.  CERN is a very controversial project.  They have been visited by Will.I.Am and Morgan Freeman to name a few and they are the particle accelerator located in Switzerland.  Now their scientists are saying they have broken the speed of light.  Is this

This 350 Year Old Question Was Finally Answered!

It took them long enough 😉 This scientific question, although seemingly simple, has baffled scientists for 350 years until now.  There is a phenomenon that happens with two pendulum clocks which you would not intuitively think was complicated to figure out: Almost 350 years ago, Dutch inventor and scientist Christiaan Huygens observed that two pendulum

Does The Future Change The Past In Quantum Mechanics?

can you get your mind around THIS… This examines a possible phenomenon and is absolutely amazing.  Some may or may not be familiar with the famous “double slit” experiment.  Here’s what it is.  In 1978 a scientist wanted to see what would happen to light when observing it.  Meaning, would it act like a wave

New Class Of Sound Wave Has Been Discovered

Aside from the cool factor you might be surprised to hear of its benefits.. It’s been over 50 years since this has happened.  Apparently a new type of sound wave may have some promising medical benefits.  Nanotechnology and other non conventional delivery mechanisms have been making headlines for a few years now.  And you can

Randrop Makes Awesome Visuals On A Sandy Surface

It is hypnotic to watch..And these scientists film an incredibly cool phenomenon: This shows the impact of water drops on the surface of granular particles—a phenomenon that is likely familiar to all of us who have watched raindrops splashing in a backyard or on a beach. The high-speed photography reveals the detailed liquid-drop impact dynamics at

Listen To This Pixel Hodoscope [Video]

Say what? This is heavy duty science and the device in the video can detect ionizing particles.  Those who are into physics may have heard of this and others may have not, and it is cool none the less: The clicking sounds are the result of 1 millisecond pules coming from all 18 Geiger–Müller tubes