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Guy Drops Basketball Off A Cliff and it Does Something Amazing

Guy Drops Basketball Off A Cliff and it Does Something Amazing

this is insanely cool.. Watch what happens when this experimenter demonstrates a property of physics called the magnus effect. Have you ever heard of this property of physics?  That is exactly the property that these ambitious experimenters are demonstrating. They toss a basketball off of an extremely high place and are sure to give it a good

Watch A Ping Pong Ball Go 500 Miles An Hour

it WRECKS the soda can… Using simple physics propels this ball to insane speeds.  What do you think would happen to a soda can that got hit with a ping pong ball going almost as fast as the speed of sound?  Well lucky for us these two adventurous experimenters decided to find out.  Note the ping pong

This Little Neodymium Magnet Lifts HUGE Weights

what it does in this experiment may AMAZE you… Watch what this thing does when put up against different types of metal. Neodymium magnets are very powerful and used in a lot of major industrial applications.  They also make for pretty awesome experiments like this one.  Here is a brief intro from the experimenter who made

Guy Takes Some Old PC Parts and Makes A Laser

how COOL is this?  (well maybe hot as well it is a laser) 😉 This home experimenter gets very clever and makes an amazing working laser. Wow.  If we could see the value in old parts of all kinds it would help the environment and probably lead to a lot of cool inventions.  Here is a  quick

Guy Makes A Cloud At Home And THIS Happened

physics can make some very COOL things…no pun intended 😉 A home experimenter walks us through step by step as he shows us how to make a cloud at home.  He basically makes a literal cloud at home albeit relatively small using physics.  Here is the brief intro into what they actually are: Clouds are made

Tesla Coil Is Used to Light Up Noble Gases And THIS Happened

the home experimenter does something visually awesome.. Tesla coils and experiments with them on YouTube are gaining momentum.  The quest for efficient energy as well as studying the properties of coil configurations is really interesting.  A lot of hobbyists and DIYers have made some cool effects using electricity and related configurations.  Sometimes trying different things

10 Optical Illusions That Will Have You Amazed

Have you seen these? Some of these are AWESOME.  This list of 10 cool optical illusions are shown in the video with components and steps.  Many science fans have come across some various YouTube videos with some neat tricks although this one comprises 10 extremely cool ones for your viewing pleasure.  A few of the ones