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This Student Gave a “Clever” Answer That Will Have You Laughing

This Student Gave a “Clever” Answer That Will Have You Laughing

how can the teacher NOT give him an A+? There are many different ways of learning and scientists are proving this daily. A few weeks ago there was quite a buzz about a certain test answer: A child who was marked incorrect for saying “5+5+5=15” on a math test. Well, no one’s arguing with this

He Made A Gyroscope In His Shop and it…

did you know a gyroscope can do THIS? This ambitious and clever home inventor makes a precision gyroscope in his maker space.  Many home enthusiasts and science fans know a gyroscope exhibits magical properties in that it seems to float when it spins.  You can see these effects all over the world.  Here is his intro to

In 1972 Something Happened That Changed…

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ whoa! Take a journey into a mission that is not often talked about and had big significance.  Not a lot of people know about the Apollo 17 mission.  It was really in the 1960s and 1970s when NASA started getting ambitious.  Do you have any ideas what happened out there?  Here is an

What is the Smallest Thing in the Universe?

this “THING” is debateable… HINT: it is not an atom or electron and waaaay smaller. Many videos cover the largest distances that we can even imagine measured in light years!  However this one examines: the smallest unit of measurement in the Universe, the Planck Length.  What is Planck Length?  Is this just a subatomic particle, theory

5 Time Travel Theories That are Bizarre

Time travel has to be possible right?  (We are of course traveling through time now) but what about going into the past or way faster into the future?  There have been many theories on this throughout the millenium and here are 5 of the most intriguing theories in regards to the subject whether pro or

5 Mysteries Of Our Solar System That Remain Unsolved

astronomers are still baffled by these… Do you know about the Venus Vortex?  Or maybe you have or haven’t heard of some of the others on this list.  Even in our own are of the woods so to speak this list remains a mystery. With the ability to see galaxies, quasars and other formations at extremely

Did Time Travel On a Particle Level Just Get Proven?

Are they serious? Have you heard of the double slit experiment where light can take two forms?  In this experiment scientists have applied a similar principle to the atomic level.  Particle physicists are probably jumping up and down over this.  You may also have come across some videos by ‘Veritasium” where he demonstrates the double

Is The “Speed Of Dark” Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

Bet you never thought about this? This debate about the science of speed will make you THINK.  The speed of light has been discussed and measured obviously but what about a different way of measuring the universe and its properties?  If memory serves correct the speed of light is about 186,000 miles per second.  Even

Who Built The Ancient Ollantaytambo In Peru?

Do you know? When they flew over it with a quadcopter they got never before seen footage of this Incan mystery.  The types of structures shown here seem almost impossible to have been built with the tools that would be available at that time period.  This has led many archaeologists as well as enthusiasts to

This 350 Year Old Question Was Finally Answered!

It took them long enough 😉 This scientific question, although seemingly simple, has baffled scientists for 350 years until now.  There is a phenomenon that happens with two pendulum clocks which you would not intuitively think was complicated to figure out: Almost 350 years ago, Dutch inventor and scientist Christiaan Huygens observed that two pendulum

Astronomers Literally See A Planet Forming

This is a first.. There has been a lot of talk about exoplanets lately.  Many including kepler-452b and others have hogged the spotlight as astronomers consider them as possible habitats for extraterrestrial life.  Even the SETI program is restarting.  And now there is an exciting related development: For the first time, scientists have observed a