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They Went Deeper In Space Than The Hubble and Found…

They Went Deeper In Space Than The Hubble and Found…

astronomers were surprised… Wow…In this particular region of space the telescope at ESO has actually gone deeper than the Hubble.  Here is a bit more from the story: The MUSE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile has given astronomers the best ever three-dimensional view of the deep Universe. After staring at the Hubble

Top 10 Strangest Stars Ever Found in Outer Space

these stars are BIZARRE… Here is a list of 10 of the strangest stars that we have seen in space.  Some are similar to our own Sun and some display properties that are incredibly unusual and much different than our own.  One type of star that is actually very strange is a Wolf-Rayet: Astronomers have

This New Camera Can See Around Corners

How did they do this? Hint: They used a very clever process to achieve this.  At first glance or notion, one might think of something like a periscope that peeks around the corner.  That could potentially work in a literal sense but it wouldn’t be very effective.  Here is a bit more background on how

He Made a Robot With A Remote Controlled Laser Beam

whoa! Well this guy decided to make one and it is awesome.  How would you describe this invention…crazy or crazy smart?  The famous StyroPyro has made something very cool here. NOTE: DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL AS IT IS VERY DANGEROUS. On a humorous note, we imagine styropyro is a

This Guy Made an 84 Watt “Death Star” At Home

Darth Vader would be jealous… A mini “death star” was made at home by this experimenter and it works.  Some spend their time teaching science and physics and others come up with tests and inventions.  In the case of LaserGadgets, he does both.  Not only does he have an archive of home experiments, he is

Who Built These “150,000 Year Old Pipes” in China?

any guesses? These “pipes” in the Qunghai Provence of China remain a mystery to this day.  Many think of Egypt, South America and parts of Europe when it comes to archaeology.  However, there are some awesome finds in China.  This particular discovery is particularly unusual.  Here is an excerpt from one researcher in regards to

Guy Makes a “Coil Neoball Pulser” at Home and its Sweet

ever seen this? Many YouTubers and home experimenters have made Tesla coils and different variations in the pursuit of efficient energy. Clever home experimenter makes an unusual energy device and it makes THE weirdest sound. Some of them are different such as a “spooky configuration” and many of them use copper coils and neodymium magnets.

Is There an Alien Planet Just 4.24 Light Years Away?

this could be crazy… Astronomers have spotted a potentially habitable planet orbiting our closest star.  There have been some discussions about various exoplanets lately that have made a buzz with astronomers and space fans alike.  And now they have spotted an exoplanet that may be the closest ever detected.  And they did not use the

Researchers Capture a Mythical Enormous Squid on Camera

science fiction is now science reality? Apparently a “mythical” creature has been discovered by these Russian researchers.  You hay or may not have heard stories about a giant squid.  Many cultures and plenty of American novels and sailors have spread stories about such a thing.  Now one has been caught on video and it is

What Is The Smallest “Thing” In The Universe?

it is waaaaay smaller than an atom Hint: It is named after someone’s last name.20 Many videos cover the largest distances that we can even imagine measured in light years! However this one examines: the smallest unit of measurement in the Universe, the Planck Length. What is Planck Length? Is this just a subatomic particle,

Is There Actually a Hidden Microscopic Universe?

whoa!  that is a trip So if the universe is infinitely big can it also be infinitely small from the other direction? We measure things with the doppler effect, light years and powerful telescopes. What about an infinitely small universe?? We are able to study protons and neutrons, electrons and now even quarks. What if

Did He Just Make a Rocket in His Garage?

this is AMAZING Ambitious home experimenter attempts to build a working rocket.  He even walks you through the steps and lights it up on video. Note:  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL. Have you ever made anything in your garage or have a friend who has? Commenter YeOlde

How Were The Ollantaytambo Structures In Peru Built?

they STILL don’t know .. A quadcopter took a video which was previously impossible until now. It shows an incredible perspective on this Incan mystery.  The types of structures shown here seem almost impossible to have been built with the tools that would be available at that time period: Ollantaytambo is one of the largest ancient

Can Anything Go Faster Than the Speed of Light?

any opinion? This is a really interesting scientific debate that examines the speed of light and possibilities of traveling faster.  There have been some far out explanations about black holes that can warp light and the like but perhaps is that faster or slower than light itself?  And recently there have been discussions about “tachyons”

They Caught an Epic Black Hole Melt Down On Video

this is gnarly… Astronomers have spotted a never seen before phenomenon.  Every now and then there is something that is just plain cool.  Not necessarily any theory to test or new invention, but the observation of space and how incredible the activity can be: Black hole extravaganza from ESOcast. Not long ago, watching something being

Does This Time Travel Story From 1980 Have Any Validity?

is this bogus or is there more to it? Did time travel really happen 35 years ago in Great Britain?  Some people think so.  If nothing else it is interesting to learn about this as many feel it is real: Dubbed “Britain’s Roswell”, the Rendlesham Forest incident, which took place over a series of nights in

They Pointed a Laser at Saturn to See What Happens

not sure that was a great idea? Let’s see what happens when astronomers point a laser into space.  Apparently the team thinks they can detect images with much more clarity than using previous mirror and telescope techniques.  Here is some info on their experiment: The 4 Laser Guide Star Facility (4LGSF) team have achieved first

Did Early Humans See Black Holes at Night?

no way? Astronomers think some of the earliest people on Earth saw them.  Is that too hard to believe or is it a possibility?  This does seem to come off as far fetched but there is some method to this madness.  At least according to some.  Here is the intro and a bit of description

Where is This “Mystery” Signal Coming From?

any guesses? From the SETI program to crop circles there have been plenty of mysterious regarding things we may have or have not “detected”.  Here is another to add to the mystery: Exactly what may be causing the signal is hotly debated by scientists. Possibilities range from evaporating black holes to alien communication and merging