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70,000 Years Ago a Shooting Star Passed By At Very Close Range

70,000 Years Ago a Shooting Star Passed By At Very Close Range

they rarely discuss this… What is crazier the fact that his happened or that they figured it out?  It is mind boggling what astrophysicists can figure out with math.  Apparently we had a cosmic close call not that long ago.  I guess by cosmic standards 70,000 years is a very short period of time 😉

Top 5 Time Travel Stories That Are Hard to Believe

are any of these POSSIBLE? Time Travel is a widely debated topic with theories from scientists as well as those into the “paranormal”. Einstein has posed certain theories about gravity and wormholes warping space time. And we have found an interesting video sharing 5 reported stories where time travel supposidely occurred. We obviously are not

Mysterious “Alien Message” Revisited 41 Years Later

no one knows what this was… If this strange message is real it was possibly from galaxy Messier 13.  The S.E.T.I. program received a strange message many decades ago.  Although there has been much debate, no one can prove the origins.  It is very controversial with many people saying it was a hoax or a misread.

Ever Seen a “Bloch Wall Resonator” Before?

is this INSANELY COOL or what? This homemade device runs on neodymium magnets in an awesome configuration.  Many home experimenters have followed in the steps of Nikola Tesla’s work int he quest for an efficient energy device.  A lot of these have copper wires and neodymium magnets as components.  There are a lot of cool variations

Heard of the Ancient Mysteries Of The Rosetta Stone?

it may be THE most mysterious artifact ever… The Rosetta Stone remains one of archaeology’s biggest mysteries and it is not often discussed.  The translation of it has baffled many for centuries.  It was also a greatly contested object between different countries, and some of that is still taking place! Here is what one commenter

What Are The Chances of Finding Alien Civilizations Soon?

The “Drake Equation” has just changed.. The search for alien life continues strong in 2015 and is not a topic reserved for those on the fringe.  Scientists at MIT and Cornell are weighing in on things.  The advent of exoplanets being detectable is making some news: The Drake equation describes “N”: the number of civilizations in

Top 10 Strangest Planets Astronomers Have Ever Found

know about these? Some of these planets are bizarre and not often talked about.  Many of us can name the planets in our solar system and the most unusual one might be Saturn in that it has very noticeable rings around it that seem to be held in place by gravity.  There are a lot

Top 5 Mysteries Of Our Solar System That Baffle Astronomers

these are STILL unsolved Most people do not know these absolutely bizarre space facts. When it comes to space and astronomy we are often thinking of formations far away like quasars, neutron stars and even exoplanets.  We study these mysteries and have scientific debates and often forget how many things remain unsolved in our very own

10 Mysteries of Archaeology That Remain Unexplained

heard of THESE? Apparently archaeologists are STILL baffled by this mysterious list. This is a cool video that covers 10 ancient archaeological mysteries from around the world.  The one on the list which has to be the most debated one is that of the pyramids.  Most archaeologists don’t necessarily agree anymore this the ramp and pully

NASA Does a Close Flyby Of Enceladus and Finds…

this surprised astronomers… One of the most unusual spottings in astronomy in the last century is within our very own solar system. The moon Enceladus has been considered extremely unusual for a long time with some of the prior pics coming from 2004.  Now, things have gotten even stranger: If you thought Saturn’s moon Enceladus

Ever Heard of the “Coanda Effect” in Physics?

it is surprisingly amazing Transportation of the future and efficient energy may depend on this physics property.  It is named after Henri Coanda after he came up with a bright idea that you may or may not have heard of before.  It has to do with airflow and believe it or not, how it would effect

Did They Solve the “Alien Wow Signal” From 1977?

are they right? On August 15 1977 something strange was detected and it has never been replicated.  Many call it the alien wow signal because like the name, they think it was from extraterrestrials.  No one knows for sure exactly what it is but someone may have came up with a reasonable theory just now.

The Mystery of That Famous Ancient Greek Device is Solved?

finally? This 1000s of years old strange device has finally been understood.  There have been all kinds of speculation about the “Antikythera Mechanism”.  There have been rumors that is was some kind of ancient computer to even an alien device of some sort.  Now, archaeologists have made a breakthrough: Archaeologists long suspected that the device

Planet Kepler-186F May Be Inhabitable For Extraterrestrials

does this planet have life that we can communicate with? The search for extraterrestrials has fascinated us and been a hotly debated topic.  From the S.E.T.I. program to other methods, lately the focus on exoplanets has gained a lot of attention.  There is one in particular that has caught the attention of many astronomers: Scientists

He Made A Gyroscope In His Shop That Does THIS

Who knew a gyroscope can do THIS? This inventor and machinist makes a precision gyroscope in his maker space.  Many home enthusiasts and science fans know a gyroscope exhibits magical properties in that it seems to float when it spins.  You can see these effects all over the world.  Here is his intro to this